Lea Michele for Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot

Guys, can you believe how long it’s been since we’ve talked about Lea Michele’s boobs in a magazine?

Oy. The fingertip (right about the ‘d’ in NAKED!) is placed perfectly so that it looks like Lea’s actually flashing a nipple on this cover. You know that can’t be an accident. Also, I’ve never understood the appeal of these super-duper V-necks. They show off your sternum and make your boobs point in opposite directions. Call me old-fashioned, but I much prefer cleavage.

And there’s just so much happening. THE SEX QUIZ – GET NAKED – FOR HIS THIGHS ONLY – LEA’S FAKE NIPPLE. I can’t even focus on that many different sexual things at once.

Beautiful sweater. There’s a lot of skin, but she does look absolutely phenomenal. And she doesn’t look as starved as I thought she would – she’s itsy-bitsy, sure, but not emaciated. A refreshing change for magazine cover-girls.

Gorgeous. Our generation needed a divalicious Jewish female sex symbol (well, aside from myself), and here she is, world.

I really do hate that swimsuit. What awful tan lines, too, in any other swimsuit you own. But this girl has sex hair like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Oh, good lord. Does she have to be practically masturbating and gazing into the camera with such Rachel Berry-esque intensity that I am actually getting creeped out? But holy crap, do I love that little pink 1950s bikini top. Absolutely adorable.

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