March Fabness 2016: Zendaya vs. Cate

It all ends here, divas. 



Zendaya in Michael Kors; Cate in Proenza Schouler

Zendaya: You’re in for it now, bitch.

Cate: Oh, you think so? That’s positively adorable.


Zendaya in Vivienne Westwood; Cate in Armani Privé

Zendaya: You don’t know what I’ve got up my fashionably distressed sleeve. Or in this pocket.

Cate: Sweetheart, as a four-time March Fabness alum, can I impart some advice?


Zendaya in Solace London; Cate in Aouadi Couture

Zendaya: Why? All that means is that you’ve lost this shit four times.

Cate: How dare you!


Zendaya in Self-Portrait; Cate in Marc Jacobs

Zendaya: I mean, have you ever even been in the final round before?

Cate: No, but –


Zendaya in Michael Kors; Cate in Giorgio Armani

Zendaya: But nothing, bitch.

Cate: Listen here, honey. I’m sure you think your nineteen years on this earth have imparted some kind of wisdom on you, but you’ve never been on this rodeo, so shut your damn mouth.


Zendaya in Michael Kors; Cate in Armani Privé

Zendaya: I’m just saying. I’VE never lost a round to Anne goddamn Hathaway.

Cate: First of all, that was FIVE YEARS AGO.


Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi; Cate in McQueen

Zendaya: Still. Kind of humiliating.

Cate: And second of all, you’d barely hit puberty the first time I –


Zendaya in Marchesa; Cate in Giles

Zendaya: Oh, great. Another rant from another jealous old broad.

Cate: Jealous?! OLD?! Well, I never –


Zendaya in Marchesa; Cate in Givenchy

Zendaya: You just need to face it, Cate. Your time is over.

Cate: Careful, Z. I paid that weird dude behind you to murder you.


Zendaya in Marchesa; Cate in Armani Privé

Zendaya: Cate, I don’t know how else to put this. But I know Beyoncé. So you are powerless to defeat me.

Cate: Oh, damn. Yeah, you’re probably right. Introduce me to her at the Met Gala tonight, won’t you?

© Democracy Diva, 2016.
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