Red Carpet Predictions: Spring 2014, Part 2

There’s no rest until we’ve predicted something fabulous for every star, dear readers. 

Stop: glamour time.

New York Fashion Week: Spring 2011’s Biggest Trends

The great thing about having the flu is that I have all the time in the world to blog! We’ve got some serious fabulous to get through, so let’s start with New York Fashion Week’s hottest (and nottest) trends.

Splattered Paint

Project Runway: April Johnston Spring 2011

I first noticed this fabulous trend while flipping through the Project Runway collections. I couldn’t believe how strange and sexy the paint splattered across the models’ thighs seemed. This absolutely gorgeous top is also paint-splattered. It’s hard to make something like that look expensive instead of gimmicky, but April nailed it, through and through. And clothes artfully splattered with paint made their way up and down dozens of other runways during New York Fashion Week.

Richie Rich Spring 2011

Carlos Miele Spring 2011

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2011

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011

The American West

The wild wild west was a huge trend last season, and the love of the heartland permeated this season as well. The influences ranged from Native American to prairie girl to old-time saloon whore, and they spanned collections from Ralph Lauren to Anna Sui.

Anna Sui Spring 2011

Anna Sui Spring 2011

Betsey Johnson Spring 2011

L.A.M.B. Spring 2011

Vivienne Tam Spring 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011

Fugly Sunglasses

The world’s ugliest sunglasses made appearances on the face of every malnourished woman over 5’10” this season. Inspired by John Lennon, that atrocious remake of Willy Wonka, and those little plastic glasses they make you wear at the tanning salon, an embarrassingly large number of designers showcased some seriously fugly sunglasses. Let’s take a look.

Tracy Reese

Alexandre Herchcovitch Spring 2011

Anna Sui Spring 2011

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2011

Leifsdottir Spring 2011


Nothing like a little crocheting to get your through the spring! Knitwear, particularly in black, white and cream, was all over the runway this season. Shirts, coats, dresses and more, designers focused on the beautiful intricacies of knit garments in their collections.

Anna Sui Spring 2011

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011

Tibi Spring 2011

Vivienne Tam Spring 2011

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New York Fashion Week’s Best Trend: The West

Welcome to the wild, wild west.

Farmers, cowboys, and Native Americans were the inspiration for many fabulous ensembles and even entire collections this season. Dozens of designers took the themes of the west to the runway this week, so I’d like to take a look at their different interpretations of the west.

The Cowboys
Some designers emphasized cowboy-style shirts, buttoned up to the neck, as an homage to the west.

Zac Posen Fall 2010

Posen went simple, elegant, and trendy with his satin urban cowgirl (and her particularly adorable shoes).

Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2010

Herchcovitch went more exaggerated and less wearable than Posen, but did a nice contrast of the hard studs with that beautiful purple print to nail the gritty-meets-pretty, cowgirl style.

The Period Pieces
Other designers weren’t afraid to go costumey, and dressed their models in full-on prairie girl and Native American garments.

Sophie Theallet Fall 2010

Theallet’s model is straight off of the Oregon Trail, just with more cleavage and less petticoats. Well done.

William Rast Fall 2010

I could do without the colored strings tied around her waist, but I love Rast’s indigenous feel, the beaded accessories, and their contrast to the combat-meets-couture boots.

Native Meets Modern

A few designers threw in just a little element of Native American style into an otherwise modern look.

Nanette Lepore Fall 2010

I doubt this lady had a curling iron and slim-fitting corduroys on the reservation in the 19th century, but the beaded top is simply beautiful.

Rodarte Fall 2010

This was certainly the most surprising and innovative use of the west; Rodarte went daring with a bright, traditionally western print in an otherwise soft and modern outfit.

A Class of Her Own

But nobody, and I mean nobody, did the west the way my girl Betsey did.

Betsey Johnson Fall 2010

She’s got Betsey’s interpretation of a cowboy hat, a gangster’s mask, a sherrif’s badge, and a toy gun. Leave it to Betsey to throw all those contradictions together and call it an outfit.

Fashion Week’s Worst Trend: Ugly Pants

I’ve spent all week viewing 150 runway shows from New York Fashion Week. Let the blogging begin.

THE DREADED JODHPURS defines jodhpurs as “riding breeches cut very full over the hips and tapering at the knees to become tightfitting from the knees to the ankles.” Put simply, they’re baggy at the thigh, and tight from the knee down. I like to think of them as the mullet of pants.

Pants inspired by jodhpurs made appearances at far too many runway shows this week, including Camilla Staerk, Malandrino, Alica + Olivia, Alexandre Herchcovitch, Twinkle by Wenlan, Suno, Andy & Debb, and many others. Let’s see who was able to sort of pull off such an awful trend, and who just embarrassed the glorious name of Pants everywhere.

The Good, The Bad, the Malandrino

Malandrino Fall 2010

These are minimally offensive. The structured fabric helps minimize the baggy effect at the thighs, and the plum-colored tweed print is lovely. The look aims for high fashion, so although it’s not very wearable, it’s not supposed to be. As far as jodhpurs go, you can’t do much better than this.

Malandrino Fall 2010

Same designer, same type of pant, and yet this is miles more disturbing than the previous look. It’s certainly not helped by the garish accessories and awkwardly draped shirt. But add these exaggerated jodhpurs to the mix, and she ends up looking like a transvestite pirate (and not in a good way).

Kudos, Alice + Olivia

Alice + Olivia Fall 2010

Well, not quite kudos, since you still fucking put jodhpurs on the runway, but at least you did it in a semi-wearable way. This may be more of a legwarmers-over-baggy-pants situation rather than jodhpurs, but the effect is the same. The chic blazer helps – clearly, the rule for passable jodhpurs is that they need to be paired with something more structured and stylish to minimize the disheveled-ness of the look. But I could certainly see a long-legged starlet wearing this out on the town and only being marginally mocked for it. On an unrelated note, doesn’t this model look remarkably like Calista Flockhart?

Alice + Olivia Fall 2010

Again, the jodhpurs are vastly improved by a sexy structured blazer. If it weren’t for the appearance of the world’s largest cameltoe that this photo conveys, this would be a pair of pants that I wouldn’t mock a stranger for wearing.

The Worst of the Worst

Alexandre Herchcovitch Fall 2010

I’m too nauseous to think of anything witty to say.

More fashion week updates to come!

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