W Magazine’s ‘Best Performances’ Editorial

W Magazine chose this year’s 20 best acting performances and vamped the stars up for a fierce fashion spread.

Let’s judge them.

Lea Michele Photo Shoot for Marie Claire (NSFW)

In researching the controversial Glee for GQ photo shoot, I came across a photo shoot that Lea Michele did for Marie Claire a few weeks ago. I just wanted to compare the GQ photos to a risque photo shoot that I actually approve of. Why? Because this is Lea, or Marie Claire‘s vision of Lea, a 24-year-old actress, and not Rachel, or GQ‘s vision of Rachel, a 16-year-old girl. And she’s not in knee socks, performing fellatio on a lollipop – she’s embracing her sexuality as an adult woman, and that’s something I can respect. So let’s drop the politics and just talk about a beautiful girl in some beautiful clothes.

Lea Michele in Roberto Cavalli

A good cover shot, even though her expression is more “I am controlling you with my mind” than “Full of Glee,” as the cover says. The Cavalli dress is flashy and fabulous; unsurprising qualities for a designer as beloved by Hollywood as Cavalli. I love the black nail polish – when it’s a) black nails instead of black toenails and b) neat and well-manicured enough so we know she doesn’t have a weird fungus, it adds to the style.

Lea Michele in Eres hotpants and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci boots

This is the photo I discovered through the GQ controversy. Some blogger or commentator mentioned a nude photo shoot Lea did for Marie Claire; I knew she was on the cover, but I didn’t remember her being nude. (And that’s something I would remember.) But this is tastefully done. The tutu she’s holding is fierce, and those shoes are delicious. I’ll take this over Rachel Berry’s blow job lips and twat-shots any day of the week.

Lea Michele in a Marchesa jacket and Givenchy shoes

Stunning photograph. Great expression, great pose, and a jacket and shoes worth killing for. She’s a surprisingly good model for someone who’s fairly new to this sort of work.

Lea Michele in a Dolce & Gabbana bodysuit and Charlotte Olympia heels

I LOVE this pose. It’s incredibly powerful and intense. I also am amazed by how incredibly statuesque she looks here. The girl is barely 5’2″ and they managed to pose her in a way that makes her look absolutely Amazonian.

Lea Michele in a D&G dress and Christian Louboutin heels

Gorgeous dress. I love her in these sort of embellished/destroyed babydoll dresses; they really work on her petite figure and dramatic features.

And I don’t know who made the jacket in the rest of these pictures, but they’re very lovely (if cheesy) shots, so I’ll refrain from further commentary and just let you enjoy some beautiful and fairly wholesome photos of someone who is still one of my favorite women in show business.

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