Runway Recap: The Best of London and Milan

London Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week are over, and the world’s fashionistas are now in Paris for the final round of Fall 2011 collections. So it’s time for a brief recap of what went down the runways these past two weeks.

Issa Fall 2011

Perfection. The fiery orange-red color is delicious, especially with the wine-colored stockings. And I’m loving this girly, vintage-style silhouette. A perfectly tailored coat-dress.

Holly Fulton Fall 2011. Model: Flaviana Matata

The perfect modern Jackie O dress. (Although that hemline might be just a bit high for Jackie.)

Gucci Fall 2011. Model: Julia Saner

Why? Because Gucci proves, once again, that there’s no reason to be afraid of color. It might look a bit insane to the untrained eye, but these colors are all magnificent, and all these pieces really are wearable for a non-supermodel (though maybe not all at the same time).

Moschino Fall 2011. Model: Aline Zanella

I hope tuxedos for women are in, because that would probably be my favorite trend EVER. Too cute, but the hat is a little too train-conductory for my taste. Love the shape of those pants, though.


Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011. Model: Natasha Poly

YUM. Look at the texture of that fabric. So phenomenal. That black-on-black thing is really chic – it gives it so much more interest than a plain black suit, but it doesn’t overwhelm the look.


Bottega Veneta Fall 2011. Model: Britt Maren

Best use of lace, for sure. Gorgeous dress that belongs in everyone’s wardrobe.

Moschino Fall 2011. Model: Aymeline Valade

Let us never forget the importance of simplicity. If you have this dress in your closet, you will be well-dressed FOREVER. Fabulous LBDs like this never go out of style.

Gucci Fall 2011. Model: Abbey Lee Kershaw

Still trying to wrap my head around the giant panties, but this dress is still gorgeous regardless. Love the skinny belt and the ruffled/flowery… scarf? Shoulder piece? Who knows. But it’s divine.

Giorgio Armani Fall 2011

It’s like cotton candy dipped in diamonds. That’s basically all of my favorite things.

Best Collection: Temperley London

Temperley London Fall 2011. Model: Amanda Norgaard

Gorgeous skirt. And the top, the shoes, the tights, and the necklace are so simple and chic and wearable. I’m buying a pair of those polka-dotted stockings ASAP.

Temperley London Fall 2011. Model: Marie Lunde Fossdal


Temperley London Fall 2011. Model: Ming Xi

Yeah, it’s another one-shouldered nude dress, but this fabric moves like liquid and it’s draped beautifully, so it gets a free pass.

Temperley London Fall 2011. Model: Julija Steponaviciute

A little nude, a little Victorian, but a whole bunch of fabulous.

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