Christina Aguilera for W Magazine

Whoa! Christina Aguilera doesn’t look like a drag queen!

W Magazine featured two divas almost as famous as the Democracy Diva in their latest issue. They released two covers – one of stripped-down Christina Aguilera, and one of glammed-up Beyonce (which we’ll blog about soon, of course). Photographed by Daniele Duella & Iango Henzi, the XTina shoot offered a refreshingly normal look at the usually drag-ified star. Not sure why she only got three photos (and only one with clothing in it) when Beyonce got a full-blown fashion spread, but let’s take a quick look regardless.

It’s actually a lovely photo, and Christina looks simply angelic in it. But I can’t like it, because it just reminds me a bit too much of…

Scrape off some makeup, switch the bubbles for flowers, and you’ve got practically the same photo. The triangular, mega-puffy platinum locks; the doll-like eyes; the bum you could bounce a quarter off of… sorry, I just lapsed into a total lesbian moment. What was I talking about again?

Dress by Dior, earrings and bracelet by Chopard

Phenomenal dress. Ethereal is the only word to describe it. But doesn’t her head look way too small for her body?

Stunning. We like the big hair – we consider it an understated homage to her “Lady Marmalade” days. And this is probably the best photo taken of her since then.

Check back in soon for Beyonce’s cover!

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