Meet the Project Runway All Stars!

Merry holidays, dear readers! As we wave goodbye to the season of too many carbs, let’s welcome the Project Runway All Stars (premiering January 5, so check back here on the 6th for the recap)!

Here’s a brief introduction to each designer, who they are, and what I remember them for (feel free to disagree!). Leave your feelings on this crop of PR alum in the polls/comments, dear readers!

Fourth place, Season 1
Age: 28 // Hometown: New York, NY
Remembered for: his corn husk dress (below); being robbed of a spot in the finals

Fourth place, Season 2
Age: 35 // Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
Remembered for: her beautiful accent and architectural influences

Tenth place, Season 4
Age: 48 // Hometown: El Paso, TX
Remembered as: the loon who “spit-marked” her fabric

Fifth place, Season 4
Age: 50 // Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Remembered as: the biker chick with the vintage flair

Second place, Season 4
Age: 35 // Hometown: Ramallah, West Bank
Remembered for: draping, draping, and more draping

Fourth place, Season 5
Age: 31 // Hometown: Houston, TX
Remembered for: his love of wearing gaping V-necks

Third place, Season 5
Age: 28 // Hometown: New York, NY
Remembered as: the one who refused to accept criticism while ripping off off McQueen, Balenciaga, and more

And if you doubt she’s really ripping off great designers, check it:

Fourth place, Season 6
Age: 47 // Hometown: Charleston, SC
Remembered as: the Serbian designer whose knitwear was unmatched

Fifth place, Season 7
Age: 29 // Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Remembered as: the hilarious, sassy southern belle who loved a good cocktail dress

Third place, Season 7
Age: 41 // Hometown: Dallas, TX
Remembered as: the ice queen who loved black and white too much

Fifth place, Season 8
Age: 22 // Hometown: Savannah, GA
Remembered as: the young badass chick with the good heart, sharp tongue, and dark aesthetic

Fourth place, Season 8
Age: 28 // Palm Springs, CA
Remembered as: the most obnoxious character imaginable, with no design skills to back it up

Runner-up, Season 8
Age: 33 // Hometown: Denver, CO
Remembered as: the master of mixing prints; being robbed of the win by the undeserving Gretchen

So, dear readers? Who are you the most – and least – excited to see? How will any of us enjoy this show without Tim Gunn? Will the judges continue their crack-fueled haze of inconsistent, unreasonable commentary, garnering results that infuriate the blogosphere? Oh, and who the hell is going to win this thing?

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8 responses to Meet the Project Runway All Stars!

  1. Some Slut

    can you make the “most excited to see” poll have an option for “no one”. I hate them all and it should have been winners against winners. THEY LOST FOR A REASON

  2. What were the criteria for choosing the “all-stars” to return? To me, all-stars implies the winners or at least top three in their seasons, not low place eliminations.

    • democracydiva – Author

      Amen, Linda. Like every recent season of Project Runway, the criteria appears to be “characters annoying and obnoxious enough to provide constant commercial-friendly sound bites.” (Ok, ok, I exaggerate, but still, calling a TENTH place contestant an “All Star” is just absurd.) Thanks for commenting!

  3. Molly

    I loved Sweet P just because of her awesome personality. Her clothes were ok, but I was really sad that she lost.
    I liked Kenley Collins. Sure she ripped off designers, but she did make good clothes even if she wasnt very creative. Her craftsmanship on that McQueen dress was pretty damn good.

  4. Some Slut

    My true question is how could someone trust the fashion sense with someone with the less-fashionable facial hair on the planet?!? IM TALKING TO YOU AUSTIN SCARLETT

  5. Manuel

    Actually, good thing for PR, the judges will not be the same as before. They changed that for PR All – Stars so they will be judged only for their actual work on the show and not what they did before. That makes it more exciting!!! Hate Kors, Nina and Heidy’s decitions the last 2 seasons.

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