Project Runway All Stars: Episode 9

It’s electric!

The Challenge: Design an avant garde look using lighting technology for a blacklit runway. 
Guest Judge
: Pharrell


Honestly? I think it’s conceptually fantastic, but everything looked like it was falling apart on the runway. The pictures are fantastic, because they hide every flaw and you see only the starry galaxy surrounding the model (which is exactly what Austin was going for). But on the runway, you could see too much of the man behind the curtain to appreciate the “magic” on the runway. But Austin’s dress from last week’s episode put him in the bottom, while Kenley’s put her in the top – it made a better zero-to-hero story to give Austin this week’s win rather than Kenley, who deserved it more.

JERELL SCOTT, Eliminated
It’s about time we got rid of Jerell, but the Jerell-ishness of this outfit wasn’t the worst thing about it. That crazy fringe from the fiberoptic lights was actually awesome, even if he overused it and styled it terribly. It was the freaking ankle-length black skirt she was wearing underneath it! What an awful choice. And though I loved the lipstick, everything else happening on and around her head is terrifying. Almost as bad as the shoes.


I gasped when this hit the runway. The print Kenley made out of glow tape was perfect, and I’m shocked she was the only one who used it. I wasn’t sure if she was incorporated enough lights into her look, until she wove those tiny little fairy lights around that fantastic cut-out fabric. She achieved that sort of effervescent, ethereal glittering that Austin was going for so much better than he did, because it was subtle and expertly executed. Others will say she’s still making ’50s silhouettes, and they’re not wrong by any means. But she and Austin were the only ones who actually put something I considered avant garde down the runway, and hers was bold and brilliant and dramatic while his was… aspirational.


Oh, you can’t understand how bad this one was in a still shot. Half the lights on her body were blinking, and the ones inside her giant crazy shoulderpads were going apeshit. It was seizure-inducing, awful to look at, and none of it felt particularly avant garde.


I’d have made a bottom three instead of a bottom two, because Mondo’s look was not deserving of any praise. The boobs were weird, and not in an interesting way. The lighting wasn’t incorporated in a particularly interesting way. And avant garde? He made a strapless cocktail dress. It wasn’t exactly innovative. A disappointing show from Mondo, who can usually run with the crazy ideas and give us something ridiculous and often delicious. This felt a little phoned in.

Judges’ Top 3: Austin, Kenley, Mondo
Diva’s Top 3: Kenley, Austin, Mondo
Judges’ Bottom 2: Michael and Jerell
Diva’s Bottom 2: Michael and Jerell

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2 responses to Project Runway All Stars: Episode 9

  1. I agree that Kenley’s was one of the two best designs this week. However, I don’t see that it was particularly different in cut from many other things she’s done in the past, what with the circle skirt and oversized jacket. I was surprised by Isaac’s lavish praise of it after his warning to her last week. It was a difficult choice between Jerell and Michael.

  2. I really have to say this was a fantastic episode, really it was a different challenge from what we’ve ever seen on PR. It was good to see the designers step out of their comfort zone and see them experimenting with another design elements such as lighting. I have to say, i’m really pleased with this season so far, if you remember season 9, stilts-challenge disaster and also the collective-challenges episodes resulting in a mess where fashion was out of the door. This season has given us the show we all love only without Tim Gunn. I would like a Kenley, Mondo & Austin finale since Michael is not that consistent enough. Hope to see some decoy collections as well 🙂

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