Project Runway All Stars Recap: S2 E3

Welcome back to the runway, dear readers.

The Challenge: “Aerosol art” were the buzz words of this episode, as the designers created “wearable gallery art” via spray paint. Or, in most cases, things that were neither wearable nor art! Funny how that happens, isn’t it, dear readers?

Guest Judges: Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, who were supportive and gave constructive criticism and looked like Santa Claus, which is really all you can ask for in a guest judge.


The spray-painted pattern wasn’t bad – giraffe print, fairly artfully done – but everything else about this look was seriously problematic on the runway. The wobbly neckline (with matching wobbly lines in the back) and the off-center seams and that faux-Stella-McCartney-skinny-dress black paneling on the side are so off-kilter, it’s just killing me. Every line in this dress pointed straight to the model’s tummy as if to say, “THIS IS THE MATERNITY CHALLENGE, RIGHT?” I usually don’t particularly mind Althea’s looks, but so far she hasn’t shown me anything impressive – I’m still waiting on a wow moment from her.


The ethereal, almost watercolor-like treatment Andrae did on the front of the skirt was lovely – almost breathtaking. But the back looks like he blindfolded and handcuffed himself before he started spray-painting again – it’s very amateurish. And let’s not forget the top of this dress, which is basically a cutoff men’s undershirt with green shit arbitrarily stuck to the sides. The clock is ticking, Andrae – you’re clearly the bottom of the designers still left standing, so it’s time to pull out all the stops.

Top 3

I didn’t like this at all on the runway, but I’ve come around to it since seeing the pictures. I felt that the paint job looked very crafty, particularly paired with the boxy silhouette. The blue lines in particular looked poorly done to me, although I liked the little Rorschach print at the back. A+ for pockets, but points detracted for that sad little cut-out in the back. Even though the look had some individual flaws, overall, it was still one of the stronger looks on the runway.


For the first time, Casanova really impressed me in this challenge. The silhouette is basic, but the color-blocking and stencil patterns he created were really lovely and didn’t look like anything else on the runway. It’s a bit over-embellished, particularly with the collar, and I think the back is borderline vulgar, but it was something refreshingly different. And it made me think twice about my prior total dismissal of Casanova – perhaps he’s got a few more tricks than I estimated.


No contest, this was the obvious winner. It was memorable, it packed a punch, and it basically blew everything else on the runway out of the water. I’m not particularly in love with the skirt, but that jacket is absolutely a piece of wearable art. Stunning and memorable, even with the slightly cheap-looking belt.

Top 3

I don’t know what everyone was raving about. The only good thing about this look is the construction of that jacket, which she’s made before. The sheer fabric coming off that skirt could not have looked more cheap, and I thought she made some of the worst use of “aerosol art” on the entire runway. The yellow is incredibly patchy and uneven, and the words scribbled across it look so incredibly amateurish. I’ve always thought Ivy was overrated, but I really couldn’t understand the defense of this garbage.


Okay, it’s official – I never want to see another peplum on the runway or red carpet, ever again. Particularly one that looks like it’s held together in the back by a seatbelt. I liked a few of the design elements Joshua used, but like everything he makes, it was just too much to look at, and way too much to wear. I also don’t understand the belt/back strap or why it looks like a road. Anyone have an explanation for that?

Bottom 3

Kayne kept the one-liners coming all episode long, but perhaps our beauty queen should have spent a little more time editing down his design. It’s a shame, because I think everything north of the knees could have been an incredibly cool-looking dress – maybe even worth of the top three. But that extra skirt, and the very, very rushed-looking spray painted patterns on it – it’s just making me sad, dear readers.

Bottom 3

Aside from the splatter at the top front of this dress, there was nothing here to see. Unreasonably short, with that hideous fringe on the back that no sane person could possibly explain. Laura’s got quite an ego on her for someone who hasn’t shown us anything impressive yet this season. Less shit-talking, more power-sewing, bitches!


Everything about this was terrible – not that I expected more from Suede. His auf-ing was obviously only a matter of time, and in spite of some pretty unfortunate looks on the runway, nothing could quite compete with this. The polka dots look very junior and the paillettes on top were just a bad choice. Sorry, Suede, but I can’t say I’ll miss your compulsive need to refer to yourself in the third person, so good riddance!


Shame about those shoulders – Uli could have had a nice dress otherwise. Simple, yes, but well constructed and executed in beautiful colors. I like the way the orange color sort of blots out from the middle in its own strange little pattern, and I think the purple looks beautiful with it. But I don’t think anyone wants misshapen little wings on their cocktail dresses, Uli, so perhaps nix those next time around.

Judges’ Top 3: Emilio, Anthony Ryan, Ivy
Diva’s Top 3: Emilio, Anthony Ryan, Uli
Judges’ Bottom 3: Laura, Kayne, Suede
Diva’s Bottom 3: Ivy, Andrae, Suede

All photos courtesy of Lifetime via New York Magazine.

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  1. Do you know why the guest judges were dressed as lumberjacks? Am I the only one who thinks that sheer bottom on a miniskirt top looks more like the designer ran out of fabric than a fashion statement? I thought Andrae’s dress on the runway made the model look largely pregnant.

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