Jennifer Lawrence for Elle Magazine

Get your Katniss on.

Elle Magazine, December 2012
photographed by Carter Smith; styled by Joe Zee
top by Stella McCartney, necklace by Cartier

Photo: Carter Smith/Elle

I apologize in advance if this post reads more like a love letter to Jennifer Lawrence than anything else, but I think she’s incredibly talented and tremendously cool and SHE’S KATNISS FOR FUCK’S SAKE OBVIOUSLY I LOVE HER. Thanks for allowing me that squeeing fangirl moment. Anyway, this shot is lovely – I love the sex hair, the nude lips, and particularly her eyes, which are basically the only thing in this shot I can look at, they’re so beautiful.

dress, bra, and briefs by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Carter Smith/Elle

This dress is just about to be played out – it’s been on magazine covers, it’s been on Eva Mendes – but it’s so goddamn breathtaking that I’m not sick of it yet. Jennifer’s got some amazing body-posing instincts – that beautiful, swanlike neck isn’t an easy shot to get – and her body looks un-freaking-believable. And I’m enjoying the sexy vibe of this photo shoot – it feels natural and warm and enticing, not desperate, cheap, and embarrassing (see: basically every photo Terry Richardson has ever taken of a woman).

dress by Narcisco Rodriguez
Photo: Carter Smith/Elle

Joe Zee is a wonderful stylist, but I want to punch him in the face for dumping a bucket of water on a $2,000 Narcisco Rodriguez dress. (Imagine the dry cleaning bill!) Other than the wet T-shirt contest, it’s a great shot – that beautiful faded red-orange on her lips and nails is really fantastic, and she’s face-posing like there’s no tomorrow.

dress by Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière

Photo: Carter Smith/Elle

Honestly? Not the best cover shot. She looks amazing in the dress and the red lips definitely pop, but it’s so much hair and lip that you almost forget it’s Jennifer Lawrence. I don’t look at this cover and see a movie star; I look at this cover and see that her hairstylist and makeup artist were very fabulous drag queens.

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