2011 Tony Awards Red Carpet

Welcome to the gayest night in television since the Season 2 Finale of Glee – THE 2011 TONY AWARDS!

Tony Award nominee for his leading role in The Book of Mormon

This cutie pie may not have won the Tony, but he looked dapper as hell. More importantly, he won over the hearts of millions of viewers with his hilarious and vocally stunning performance of “I Believe” from The Book of Mormon.

Featured actress in the New York Philharmonic’s Company

Not terrible, for the Tonys. Let’s remember, while theater people are by far the most fabulous humans alive, they don’t make as much money as movie stars and pop stars, so they largely do not employ stylists. (Or the ones they do employ are cheap street stylists they picked up outside the Port Authority.) But white looks great on her, the gold cuff is on-trend, and the hair is lovely. She could do with a much better bra and a more neutral shoe, though.


If you’re going to flub your solo on live television, and an hour later curse on live television whilst apologizing for said flub, at least wear something interesting. This sad little bridal dress should have gotten censored.


Okay, I’m no CZJ fan, but I have to admit she looks phenomenal here. It’s almost unfair, because she’s had a damn load more red carpet practice than the rest of the Tony attendees. But she looks pretty close to perfect, even though if you told me this was a wax replica of her, I would totally believe you.

Supermodel CHRISTIE BRINKLEY in Zuhair Murad

I don’t know how Christie Brinkley went from supermodel to Miss Alabama, but she was barely recognizable in her platinum bouffant and sky-blue gown. I wish the color were a little less in-your-face, but other than that, I don’t actually mind the dress. It’s the styling that’s pushing it far into beauty pageant territory.

Tony Awards host NEIL PATRICK HARRIS and his partner DAVID BURTKA

NPH proved once again that he’s the only man of our generation capable of hosting a damn good show. He looked handsome as hell along side his equally adorable partner David.

EDIE FALCO in Romona Keveza
Tony Award nominee for her featured role in The House of Blue Leaves

We don’t love the Hilary Clinton hair, but the gown is stunning and fits her beautifully.

ELLEN BARKIN in L’Wren Scott
Tony Award winner for her leading role in The Normal Heart

She gave the first beautiful, rambling, emotional speech of the night, and looked damn good doing it in this beautiful dress. But she could so do with a darker hair color.

Lead actress in Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Ohh, those shoes (yellow satin platform pumps? why?!) and that matching satin around her waist – they’re just KILLING me. She’s an adorable girl with a fab little body, and if this dress lost the yellow accessories and was about a foot shorter, I wouldn’t even hate it. But this is SO bridesmaidy.

JUDITH LIGHT in Alexander McQueen
Tony Award nominee for her featured role in Lombardi

Again, the Kentucky fried hair is an epidemic, but she actually looks fucking fierce as hell in this gown. If it weren’t for the tranny makeup and aforementioned hair debacle, she’d be looking kind of fabulous.

Tony Award nominee for her featured role in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

The color is a little prom and the dress itself is boring.

LILY RABE in Prabal Gurung
Tony Award nominee for her leading role in The Merchant of Venice

If she had done something with her hair, lost half the lipstick, and remembered to get at least a little bit of a tan before she puts a white dress one, she’d be perfect. Because this is actually a stunning gown and it looks damn good on her (if slightly too tight).

Tony Award winner for her featured role in The Book of Mormon

This fabulous little lady won her first Tony, beating out Broadway legends and making America weep by talking about bumblebees. And she looked good doing it! It’s a basic dress, and the slit is too high, but it wasn’t as noticeable when she wasn’t popping her left. The top of the dress has some nice detail, but the hair and shoes are wrong.

Tony Award nominee for her leading role in Sister Act

If you’re going to wear an animal-print gown, which I don’t necessarily suggest, this is how to do it: Hair up and severe, makeup natural and bright, minimal accessories, and show some skin. It’s not a dress for me, but honey is working it.

Tony Award nominee for her featured role in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Like we would ever even DREAM of saying a word against PATTI, diva to end all divas.

But, it’s a weird purse, no?

SUTTON FOSTER in Michael Kors
Tony Award winner for her leading role in Anything Goes.

She could have looked awesome if this lovely gown were styled correctly. It’s a tough color to wear, but I respect that she took a risk to wear this olive green. The gown looks beautiful on her figure, but the fit around the bust isn’t perfect. She needs hair down and a blinging necklace.

TAMMY BLANCHARD in Georges Chakra
Tony Award nominee for her featured role in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

We were about to gush about how great she looked for her age – assuming, based on the extraordinary amount of Botox she seems to have had, that she was in the neighborhood of 50-60 years old. Wikipedia tells me she’s 34.

Maybe it’s just too much makeup and a too-tight ponytail, but darling, let me just beg you to lay off the needle. Your dress is fierce and has little pockets for your thumbs that I’m dying over, and you’re not 35 yet. There’s no need to look like an alien.

Tony Award nominee for her leading role in Driving Miss Daisy

FABULOUS jacket.

Tony Award nominee for her featured role in Sister Act

It’s the same as that Catherine Malandrino dress Lea Michele wore, but at least it looks good on her.


Whoopi can ALWAYS be counted on to bring the crazy.

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