Emma Stone for Elle Magazine

It Girl Emma Stone gave some good face for Elle. Let’s dive in.

Dress by Versace, necklace by Lanvin

Emma makes a stunning covergirl. With the sun in her hair and the bright yellow dress, and of course those red lips, you’d spot this magazine from across the 7-11 and beeline right for it. Love the necklace too.

Blouse by Stella McCartney, shoes by Sergio Rossi

Weird, but fun. We don’t know what those little side-saddle things on her shoes are, but those shoes are otherwise CRAZY cool.

Dress by Stella McCartney

It’s a companion look to a blouse Blake Lively wore in Glamour a few weeks back. The shoes are possibly the greatest thing to happen to mankind, but it’s a little much to stretch the polka dot theme through every article of clothing in multiple photographs.

Although it did bring us this hat, which is so Jackie O meets Cookie Monster. [Editor’s Note: That’s something we thought we’d never say.] We like the bare nails, the smudged, morning-after makeup, the freckles. And we … are really starting to notice our over-use of the royal “we.”

Overalls by Chloe

I had no idea how to categorize that item of clothing, but I decided overalls were the closest I could get. I don’t know what it is, or why it exists, but I know Emma Stone looks better in it than any of us could ever hope to look. And that bra is perfection.

Dress by Prada, polka-dotted underlay by Stella McCartney, shoes by Sergio Rossi


Second, and more importantly, why is this the SECOND time we’ve seen a starlet appear to be awaiting rear-entry penetration in a fashion spread? [Editor’s Note: Hehe, spread.]

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