The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 2

Hello again, darlings! Welcome to Part 2 of your weekly fashion recap.

EMMA STONE in a Tom Ford dress and Christian Louboutin shoes

Photo: Anthony Behar/Sipa via People

Emma Stone takes top billing in both parts of this week’s fashion recap, showing off her red locks on every red carpet in Hollywood. She’s shown a lot of love for lace and hip embellishments this week. The lipstick is a bit much, but the dress is lovely and the shoes are just perfect. Though those giant hip-poofs look crazy on us mere mortals, they actually flatter Emma’s teensy little waist. I really can’t get enough of this fab ginger, especially when she keeps being worthy of my coveted “best dressed” title.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER in an Elie Saab dress and Alexander McQueen shoes

Photo: ChinaFotoPress/Getty via People

With pumps, she might have looked like an old lady in a fancy tablecloth, but she was smart to pick a modern, strappy shoe to pair with all that lace. I happen to think the outfit works brilliantly, especially with her hair, which tends to look best in this down-and-casual style.

JULIANNE MOORE in Stella McCartney

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Julianne Moore usually disappoints me on the red carpet, so I was shocked but pleased when I saw her in this look. These gauzy little Stella McCartney dresses have been all over the fashion mags this summer, from Elle Fanning for Marie Claire to Emma Stone for Elle. The light cheeks and lips with the 60s-looking eyeliner and mascara bring a fresh, stylish vibe. A dress covered in what looks like bows, or possibly butterflies, usually seems silly on a grown woman, but the funky black chain-link shoes keep it darker and a little less childish. Best of all, it showcases her best feature – we all know I can’t resist a ginger.

EMMA STONE in a Dolce & Gabbana dress and Brian Atwood shoes

Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/AP via Zimbio

Speaking of gingers, my girl Emma hit the town in yet another lace dress. It might be just a tad too sea-foamy, which washes out her porcelain skin, especially with the lipstick. I can’t decide if the leopard-print shoes were a fabulous, risky choice, or if they’re a bit too wild on their own to be worn with this color dress. The hair is also a little lazy for the rest of the look. If you’re in sexy heels, a lace dress, and heavy makeup, you can’t really skimp on the hair, lest you look like you ran out of time to pamper yourself.


Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty via People

The new face of Miu Miu painted the town nude in a very chic, mod-looking dress by her favorite label. I’m rarely a fan of nude accessories with a nude dress, but when you’re as fresh-faced, young, and lovely as Ms. Steinfeld, I’ll allow it.

DIANE KRUGER in a Miu Miu dress and Jimmy Choo shoes

Photo: Sara De Boer/Startraks via People

I do love this dress, though not necessarily during the summer. In spite of the floral print, it feels very wintery to me. But those sleeves are divine, and those blue flowers make her eyes pop. The shoes are a welcome reminder that it’s actually summertime, but she looks like she killed a badger to make that purse.


Photo: Sara De Boer/Startraks via People

I simultaneously find this totally ugly and kind of awesome. I think what’s throwing me off is the length of the dress, which makes her legs look much shorter than they are. The weird, curved heel of those Miu Miu shoes also throws off the proportions, as do those puffy sleeves. But we like the concept of pairing a grandma dress with sequined heels and a coral purse.

GILLIAN JACOBS in an H&M dress and a Chanel purse

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage via In Style

The Community star, who cracks me up daily, has yet to impress me with her style – until now. We all know that the best street-style fashionistas are experts at pairing top-of-the-line, luxury designs with thrift store finds and inexpensive items. Gillian shows off similar skills in her simple but adorable H&M dress, with a classic and ubiquitous Chanel purse, and some truly amazing shoes (designer unknown, but I bet they weren’t cheap). The youthful makeup and ponytail emphasize her natural beauty, which is always a plus.

EMMA STONE in Brian Atwood shoes

Photo: Derek Storm/Splash News via In Style

Emma clearly had a busy week, so we’ll be brief – she looks awesome. The end.


Photo: Bill Davila/Startraks via People

T-Swift, I know you’re tall, but heels are not your enemy. Do not fear them. Learn to love them, and let them make you look like you’re actually of legal drinking age. I love this dress, but that skinny bow-belt youthens it up a bit too much for me.


Photo: via Zimbio

Gaga, it’s just too hot to be running around in your crazy get-ups. No one would blame you if you ran out for coffee in shorts and a T-shirt when the heat index is 115.

JESSICA ALBA in Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Stefanie Keenan/WireImage via People

I’m over animal print, but she’s glowing with prenatal cuteness, so I can’t really complain.


Photo: Chance Yeh/Patrick McMullan/Sipa via People

Shiny and sexy with a hint of desperation – the Heidi we all know and love.

AMANDA SEYFRIED in a Prabal Gurung dress and Prada shoes

Credit: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo via People

I never understand why women would want fabric to sag just south of their boobs and north of their waists. That just seems like the last place on earth I’d want extra folds and draping. But she’s working the color, and the shoes are a good match.

ANNA PAQUIN in Antonio Berardi

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty via Zimbio

Cute. She’s at ComicCon, so anything fun, youthful, and eye-catching will fit the bill. The shoes might be a little too stripper, but if you’re a vampire at ComicCon, you can pull it off.

ASHLEY GREENE in a Yigal Azrouël dress and Jimmy Choo shoes

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty via People

What is she, a middle-aged Upper East Side housewife?


Photo: John Stillwell – WPA Pool/Getty via In Style

I repeat: What is she, a middle-aged Upper East Side housewife? (We love us some Princess Kate, but you’ve got to admit, her style seems to get more traditional by the day.)


Photo: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage via In Style

It’s such a waste when a woman this beautiful has no idea how to dress. The shoes and purse are matronly, the dress doesn’t fit her at all, and the bracelet belongs with another, way cooler outfit. Also, relaxed hair would suit her features better.

JENNIFER ANISTON in a Valentino dress and Tom Ford shoes

Photo: via Zimbio

Once again, Jennifer Aniston shows up in an outfit meant for Hailee Steinfeld. Seriously, just cover up her face and think about how sweet Hailee would look in this dress, with its twee little braided embellishments, and those shoes, with their darling little ballerina ankle straps. Now remember that Jenn is literally THREE TIMES Hailee’s age. Feel free to vomit – I just did.

CAREY MULLIGAN in Roksanda Ilincic

Photo: John Shearer/Getty via People

Even on the itsy-bitsiest of women, I’ve never understood this “look at part of my tummy!” trend. Even rock-hard abs look so weird when part of the midriff is draped with fabric. I love how the white, gray and orange fabrics meet at the shoulder, but the red accessories are a little clownish, and the white fabric tucked into that skirt just looks absurd. And Carey seems to have a steadfast dedication to these mid-calf length skirts that I just cannot stand.


Photo: Go Fug Yourself

Look at the seams on this thing. Who on earth would want seams splitting their body into quadrants? And those little mancala beads taped to the neckline aren’t quite working for me either.

KIM KARDASHIAN at her engagement party

Photo: Albert Michael/ via In Style

This seems a little severe for an engagement party, doesn’t it? I mean, it’s white, but she looks more like a robot than a bride. Though I suppose that’s par for the course when your body is made mostly of silicone.

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