Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu’s Fall 2011 Ads

Credit: Bruce Weber for Miu Miu, via New York Magazine

Fourteen-year-old superstar HAILEE STEINFELD catapulted to fame last year when she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in True Grit. She’s also playing Juliet in Carlo Carlei’s 2012 adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, which I am also excited about because Gossip Girl‘s Ed Westwick is playing Tybalt, which you have to admit is kind of amazing.

A fashion icon since the second she hit the 2011 SAG Awards in that now-famous striped Prada dress, Hailee has looked classy, intriguing, and age-appropriate all over the red carpet. Miu Miu quickly took the ingenue on as the muse/model for their Fall 2011 advertising campaign, and here is the result: utter beauty.

Credit: Miu Miu

What an incredible shot. I guess nothing sells fashion to rich adult women like a fourteen-year-old girl looking bored next to a railroad.

Credit: Miu Miu

I would look that sad if a shoe that beautiful were just out of my reach, too. Also, Hailee has the greatest eyebrows I’ve ever seen. And she’s got that careless, wavy long hair that makes every single shot even more beautiful.

Credit: Miu Miu

Whoever lives in a loft with a curved staircase full of Miu Miu shoes – can I move in with you? And I love this classic look on her, especially with that sassy little smile.

Credit: Miu Miu

This is by far my favorite shot of the entire campaign. I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by a young girl in couture crying on train tracks – maybe it’s because her suede purse matches the tracks so beautifully. But I’d buy everything in this photo just to make Hailee stop looking sad. My heart breaks when Hailee Steinfeld is sad.

Credit: Miu Miu

Hailee Steinfeld is, officially, the luckiest girl on the entire fucking planet. She gets paid to put on a beautiful, expensive dress, lay on a couch with her hair all wild, SURROUNDED BY GLITTERY SHOES. Like, who hasn’t had this dream before?

Credit: Miu Miu

She really knows how to convey drama. She can look into a lens and drive her emotion right into your fucking soul. And I like that she’s actually capable of a range of expressions in these photos, and not just blandly half-smiling in every shot like most actresses do in their modeling gigs.

Credit: Miu Miu

Sure, it’s a bit odd for a Miu Miu ad, but anything that actually promotes eating is a concept desperately missing from the world of fashion. Isn’t it nice to see an ad featuring a happy, healthy young girl in a ridiculously beautiful dress eating pizza, rather than an emaciated Kate Moss snorting coke off a mirror for the umpteenth time?

Credit: Miu Miu

The way the light hits that hair is just incredible. I love her expression, and I just can’t get enough Hailee in every floral dress Miu Miu makes.

Credit: Miu Miu

Not my favorite dress, and certainly not my favorite photo. Without an interesting background to work with, she just looks like a sad little girl in her grandmother’s clothes.

Credit: Miu Miu

Not a fan of this photo either – the dress is too kimono-esque, and clashes oddly with the chair she’s sitting on like a throne – but the shoes are outstanding. And this shot emphasizes what a stunning face Hailee has, even if it makes her seem unnaturally stiff and frozen.

Credit: Miu Miu

This is the money shot, as far as I’m concerned. The endless, careless hair, those mournful eyes, and Hailee’s general air of awesomeness could sell anything to anybody. This ad campaign made it official – I’m fully obsessed with her.

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