Blake Lively for Glamour

Gossip Girl star, Chanel muse, and all-around It Girl Blake Lively covered Glamour, interviewed by . . . her good friend, Florence Welch. (Yeah. It was weird.)

Sweater and shorts by Alberta Ferretti, earrings by Lorraine Schwartz

I don’t know where the hell you can wear those lace shorts outside the boudoir, but I love them. But the sweater’s a little more Rachel Berry than Serena van der Woodsen.

Sweater and shorts by Alberta Ferretti, earrings by Lorraine Schwartz

Her eyes look photoshopped to an unnatural blue, and I don’t like that I can kind of see her tongue. Also, I had those earrings when I was sixteen, and even THEN I knew they were tacky. And I’m from JERSEY.

Cardigan by Tom Scott, shorts by Raoul, bracelets by House of Lavande, shoes by Christian Louboutin

 She’s obviously got the hottest pair of getaway sticks in Hollywood, and those shoes are ORGASMIC. Love the shorts, the sweater, and the heavy eyeliner. I like that she’s transformed into this 1960s mod/1970s disco look.

Blouse and bra by Stella McCartney, earrings by Miriam Salat, bracelet by Pono by Joan Goodman

I am all kinds of in love with this blouse/bra combo, and I think this is actually a beautiful photo. This is the first time she looks like a model instead of just a pretty girl. I still love the heavy makeup and dramatic hair (because I’m part drag queen) and something about her hands looks so elegant.

Blouse and bra by Stella McCartney, jeans by American Apparel, earrings by Miriam Salat, bracelet by Pono by Joan Goodman, ring by Lorraine Schwartz, shoes by Christian Louboutin

I don’t know which I want more – those shoes, or that ass. This is a lot more Pretty Woman than the last photo, which we can attribute to the awfully trashy American Apparel white jeggings – complete with zippers, in case your upper ankle/lower calf starts feeling SAUCY.

Sweater by Marc by Marc Jacobs, shorts by M Missoni, earrings by Miriam Salat, cuff by Oscar de la Renta

“LOLZ reading is fun especially with a little toy puppy!” Actually, if her mouth weren’t open and she didn’t look like she was ripping that dog’s ear off, I would love this picture. Those shorts are so Twiggy, it’s awesome, even if those pockets would look hideous on anyone else.

Dress by Valentino, hat by Helen Kaminski, ring by Lorraine Schwartz

 This makes her look old, like a Botoxed trophy wife of an Italian oil tycoon.

Dress by Alberta Ferretti, earrings by House of Lavande, shoes by Celine

A little too hipster for Glamour, between the babydoll dress and the records and the dramatic lighting and the fucking tambourine. This would have looked cool on Cher in 1965, though. Actually, now that I think about it, that sounds AWESOME.

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