Florence Welch for Nylon Magazine

Everyone’s favorite British redhead posed for Nylon Magazine.

We’re of the general opinion that Florence Welch can do no wrong, so pardon my lack of bitchiness as I over-praise this fabulous ginger lady.

Florence is a true music fashion icon, because you can throw a lot of random crap on her and she always manages to look like a rock goddess. I’m just happy to finally see her legs – she always goes demure on the red carpet and even onstage, so it’s refreshing to see her ROCK some short shorts. At six feet tall, she’s certainly got the legs for them.

Nice to know she looks as fierce in photos that haven’t been overly photoshopped as she does in those that have.

I’d pay almost as much for that hair as I would for those legs.

Not sure why they had to photoshop her to be SO GHOSTLY WHITE, but she works it like most Brits rock porcelain skin. And this outfit is phenomenal on her. She’s always a force to be reckoned with, but she’s unstoppable in those crazy pink platforms.

See? She’s fabulously pale, but she’s not the translucent blue-white they edited her to be in the previous shot. Also, let’s take a moment to commend a non-model on her posing skills. Yes, she gives the same face in every shot, but she knows how to use those long, long limbs and make them look even more amazing on camera.

If they emphasized her whiteness to contrast it with her hair, it does look very dramatic. But just look at the contrast from this photo to the un-edited version:

I mean, the hair is still shocking and dramatic no matter what color her skin is, so I don’t think that much retouching was really necessary.

Also, I’d be remiss if I failed to point out that there’s really never a reason for jorts and a denim vest.

All denim aside, I love this candid-seeming shot of her.

LOVE. Love the converse, love the ridiculous outfit that would look so fucking stupid on almost anyone else.

Although I have feelings about white socks, those shoes and that skirt are delicious.

Cutest face.

SO dramatic. This actually looks like a fashion ad.

Dancing to the beat of her own drummer in some SERIOUS bellbottoms.

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2 responses to Florence Welch for Nylon Magazine

  1. The fact that Florence is beyond fabulous doesn’t change the fact that Nylon shoots always look like what would happen if the hookers at your nearest trailer park got expensive cameras and Photoshop.

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