Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin for Marie Claire

Worst. Editorial. EVER.

Big Love‘s Ginnifer Goodwin and Every Awful RomCom‘s Kate Hudson teamed up to be really boring and look pissed off and hungry for Marie Claire magazine.

On Ginnifer: Rebecca Minkoff blazer, Neil Barrett tank, Dsquared2 pants
On Kate: Christian Dior dress

The clothes are as boring as can be, and Ginnifer’s hair looks ridiculous. Both of them look as if there’s something very, very smelly happening in the room.

Jacket by Theory ($660), pants by Theory ($390), tank by Michael Kors ($395)

I really hope Gin uses this same vacant, open-mouthed, squinted expression throughout the entire photo shoot. Jesus Christ. And that outfit looks like pajamas.

Jacket by Neil Barrett ($1342), shirt by Maison Martin Margiela ($620), ring by Hoorsenbuhs ($600)

Cute, but it’s hilarious how they have Kate’s hair covering up half her face so you can’t see her crow’s feet. Seriously, she’s aged a lot in the past few years.

Coat by Yves Saint Laurent ($2990)

This is one ugly three thousand dollar coat, and Ginnifer looks like she’s at a karate lesson.

Shirt by Maison Martin Margiela ($620)


On Ginnifer: Coat by Martine Sitbon for Rue du Mail ($2120)
On Kate: Jumpsuit by Yves Saint Laurent ($1950)

This one is my favorite. Let’s have two actresses pretend like they love each other when they actually couldn’t care less! Ginnifer looks like she’s moments away from slapping all that airbrushing off Kate’s face.

On Ginnifer: Jacket by ADAM ($395), tank by Michael Kors ($395)
On Kate: Dress by Helmut Lang ($370)

Both of them seem to be looking at the camera and saying, “This bitch smells WEIRD.”

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