Emma Watson for The New York Times Style Magazine

Emma Watson, two-time defending champion of the bitter fashion battle known as March Fabness, hit the cover of The New York Times Style Magazine looking utterly delectable. 

EMMA WATSON for The New York Times Style Magazine
photographed by Alasdair McLellan // styled by Anastasia Barbieri

Emma looks as stunning as my mother told me she did, when Mom texted me, before offering to mail me a Times’ fashion issue if I couldn’t find it myself because that’s how good Emma looked on the cover. And I agree! Emma, I love the dramatic cat-eye – let’s do this with our makeup more often. And I need to know who did her eyebrows and befriend them immediately. The slicked-back hair is divine; everything feels perfectly set to show off her natural beauty, which it does.

jacket, vest, shirt, and tie by Ralph Lauren

Scholarly Emma is one of my favorite Emmas. This girl can rock tweed like nothing I’ve ever seen. Her sharp features and pixie cut make menswear look even more delicious on her.

coat, shirt, and trousers by Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons, shoes by Acne

A totally transformative shot, even though it doesn’t seem so different at first glance. But she looks older and wiser, taller and more worldly – she looks like a model, and a damn good one, not Harry’s sidekick.

jacket by Giorgio Armani, sweater by Isabel Marant, hat by Burberry Prorsum

That expression is exactly how I feel about newsboy caps too, Emma – like, didn’t we kill this trend to death ten years ago? – but she’s pulling it off, like the expert she is. And the jacket is brilliant – I think my grandfather used to wear this exact one to shul on the High Holidays. And there’s no higher compliment coming from me.

jacket by Chanel, blouse by Dolce & Gabbana

Pensive Emma is not my favorite Emma, particularly in this ridiculous frilly blouse. I’m not sure there’s a such thing as a bad shot of Emma Watson, but this is certainly my least favorite of the bunch.

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One response to Emma Watson for The New York Times Style Magazine

  1. Haley

    Her makeup is amazing, and I love a woman in menswear. That being said, that last photo is totally Smell The Fart Acting.

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