The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II

Here is the second and final portion of your weekly fashion recap! Don’t forget to check out Part I as well.


Much as I loathe her, I’m starting to feel sorry for Kesha. Her expression and pose seem to say, “How did I get here, and what do I do with all this tulle?” The dress is a complete disaster in the most strict definition of the word, but the Lindsay Lohan quality of this photo is what worries me the most. You’re on a dark, fugly path, Kesh. Beware.


I don’t think those black shoes were the appropriate choice – they distract from the angelic softness of the rest of the look. It’s not my favorite dress – the skirt hangs down like dirty toilet paper around her ankles – but it’s another dress on the long path called Dunst’s Career Revival.


I like that Kiki is going for an old Hollywood vibe instead of a 21st century hipster vibe – it makes her look much more elegant and age-appropriate. That said, this dress is all wrong for her – the sleeves look a bit ridiculous, and the bust doesn’t fit at all. But the hair is fun, the makeup is lovely, the bracelet is fab and the shoes are cute.

KYLIE MINOGUE in Alexander McQueen

I’m not a fan of those shoes – this is another case of a shoe that looks spectacularly fabulous on a shelf, but actually makes the human foot look really fucking weird. They also seem a little age-inappropriate – they’re more Miley than Minogue. But the dress is fabulous and the pose is beyond fierce.


Lady Gaga continued her endless run of publicity for her new album with a performance on Good Morning America this week. We’re loving this outfit – phenomenal shoes, stockings are to die for, and that jacket is cray-cray in the best way possible. I like a girl who knows how to not wear pants but still look clothed.


It’s Gaga on a zip line. It’s my dream come true.

LUCY LIU in Marchesa

If I see one more folded-handkerchief dress on the red carpet, I’m going to scream. Lucy is a goddess, but this dress stopped being cool two years ago.

LUCY LIU in Antonio Berardi

Not loving the white collar with its strange little cut-outs, but the shoes are cool.


First in Fabulosity, Michelle Obama took her recent trip to Europe as an excuse to pull out all her fiercest gowns. Over-the-elbow gloves don’t always work, and I’m not sure they work here, but she was meeting with British royalty, which basically requires long evening gloves. This ivory color is spectacular, and although the crossed straps don’t particularly flatter her bust and shoulders, she still looks lovely. The earrings and purse were great additions, and kept the gown from going too bridal.

MICHELLE OBAMA in Ralph Lauren

Whoa, Mama Obama! This might be one of my favorite First Lady looks of the entire presidency. The dress looks like it was custom-made for Michelle – everything about the fit, from the shoulders to the bust to the slight change of texture at the waist, looks like it was created purely to enhance the First Lady’s fabulous figure. The styling is glamorous and classy – the necklace is an absolute work of art, and the stylist was wise to go a little over-the-top with the jewels to counterbalance the simplicity of the dress.

NICKI MINAJ in Mark Fast

This is a perfect outfit for those of us who are aerobics instructors by day, and tranny strippers by night. Just a quick change into the tackiest shoes you own, and you’re ready for a night of entrancing the bridge-and-tunnel crowd with your “lady”-parts!

NICOLE KIDMAN in Dries Van Noten

Trend-Spotting: Long, sloppy braids on the red carpet. We love them for the beach or for a day off, but when you’re wearing a gown that costs thousands, you can at least put in twenty minutes to do your hair.

RIHANNA in Max Azria

Rihanna is a tall lady (somewhere between 5’8″ and 5’10”, according to the internet), so it’s particularly impressive that she looks so stumpy here. But that’s what baggy, wrinkled, ankle-tapered high-waisted white pants will do to you. And the tucked-in shirt isn’t helping.

ROSARIO DAWSON in Roberto Cavalli

Again, darlings, if you’re going to wear a gown worth thousands, DO YOUR HAIR! Maybe it’s a fabulous updo from the back, but her hairstylist knows she’s being photographed from the front, and if the hair looks like a messy bun from the front, it’s a problem. Also, this dress is just not pretty. The single strap looks added as an afterthought, as does the fade from glitter into matte around the knees.


You may remember Rose Byrne as the evil hottie in Bridesmaids (which if you haven’t seen by now, get out from the rock you’re living under and go see it, because it’s truly hilarious). The hair is a bit too Snooki, but if she lost the Bump-It, she’d be looking mighty fabulous in her blue, lacy dress. (But the blue purse is too matchy.)

SELENA GOMEZ in Dolce & Gabbana

Selena Gomez is eighteen, so I guess it makes sense that she’s suddenly sharing a wardrobe with Halle Berry (who still thinks she’s eighteen). But a word to the wise, Selena – even if you want people to start looking you as a sex symbol rather than a child star, less is more. Do cleavage, or midriff cut-outs, or a super-high slit – but all of those elements at once looks desperate. And with your adorable shoes and equally adorable boyfriend, you have no reason to look desperate.


It’s still strictly within Taylor’s wheelhouse – shiny, strapless, nude – but it feels a little more glamourous than her usual tween-dream gowns. I’m still waiting for her to pull a Selena Gomez and realize she’s 21 and doesn’t have to dress like a demure role model for little girls anymore. Not that I think women should hit adulthood and automatically change their style – I just feel like the only reason Taylor hasn’t changed her look since she got famous is because she knows her audience, and she knows as soon as she grows up, she’ll lose them.

UMA THURMAN in Armani Prive

I feel like Kate Winslet has worn this dress at least half a dozen times before. Uma’s still beautiful, but she looks surprisingly like it took quite a few pairs of Spanx and six assistants to zip her into this gown. I also hate that little trim of glitter or beading around the neckline and hems. It just feels like she played it a little too safe with this one.

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One response to The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part II

  1. molly

    I dont like Michelle Obama in Tom Ford. It looks like a prom dress. A very nice prom dress, but its still a prom dress. The Ralph Lauren however is the best I have ever seen her. It actually really reminds me of a dress that Princess Diana wore. Beautiful.

    Taylor- I like you, but your style is boring. When I saw you at that Roberto Cavalli party, i thought this was the new you. Sexy and adult. Go back to that. You looked hot.

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