The Week in Celebrity Fashion

Blake Lively in Lanvin at the Scream 2010 Awards

This was one of the best looks from Paris Fashion Week, and Blake is nailing it. Not hard, mind you, because the dress does all the work for her. But I suppose we do need someone to stand in it and pull it open so the world can see her vag. Seriously, who poses like that? I’ve seen a dozen different pictures of this dress, and she’s basically a flasher in every one. But a leggy blonde in Lanvin is hard to beat, so she gets a free pass from me (in spite of her black toenail polish).

Kim Kardashian in Georges Hobeika at TAO New York's 10th Anniversaiy party

Problem 1: The breasts. Please look at those strange lines/wrinkles/dimples they make, like she has boobs extending out from boobs. That is so not the way nature-made breasts look.

Problem 2: The illusion of BUSH. I’m sure it’s just dark underwear, but who wears dark underwear under a see-through dress? It saddens me that no one thought to say, “Hey Kim, you’re fabulous, but you’re going a bit Vanessa Hudgens south of the border, so you may want to deal with that.”

Problem 3: The shoulders are like Lady Gaga crossed with angel wings, which sounds awesome in theory, but looks pretty stupid on the red carpet.

Kristen Stewart in Guishem at the Scream 2010 Awards

Can it be? Do I see what I think I see? IS KRISTEN STEWART SMILING?

She sort of is! This is a miracle! And her hair looks totally normally, which is even more rare than a smile from this crazy bitch. The dress is gorgeous, the shoes are killer, and she actually looks gorgeous. Keep it up, girl!

Kristen Stewart in Valentino at the New York screening of Welcome to the Rileys

A step down, but definitely still on the good list. The makeup is a little too heavy for her features. She doesn’t have a face that wears makeup well; the more you pile on, the worse she tends to look. And the smile is gone – she’s back to her usual “Did someone just fart?” face. The hair just looks sloppy and unwashed, but the dress is very beautiful. It has that goth angel look that Kristen Stewart can really nail.

Freida Pinto in Alexander McQueen at the London Film Festival premiere of Miral

Perfection. Cool hair, flawless makeup, and a truly fabulous little dress. I love that the purse, the dress, and the shoes are all black with a hint of gold bling. (Well, perhaps a bit more than a hint.) And best of all, she looks so at home in this, like she’s more comfortable in bejeweled McQueen than in her pajamas.


Freida Pinto in Marchesa at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival premiere of Miral


Absolutely stunning. My only complaint is that the fabric hangs in a funny way around her ankles. But the bejeweled bustier is phenomenal and the draped skirt is nearly impeccable. And while most starlets would make this look costumey, Ms. Pinto once again looks quite at home in her fabulous digs.


Lady Gaga in London

Because everybody needs a dose of what-the-fuckery from Gaga. She might look like the love child of Taylor Momsen and a Sesame Street character, but the effect is still rather fabulous.


Kat Dennings in Calvin Klein at Elle's Women in Hollywood Tribute in Beverly Hills

I am a huge Kat Dennings fan (not only is she one of the only legitimately funny actresses in film, she’s also Jewish and supremely cool), and I think she looks pretty hot here. The dress doesn’t seem to be laying right, as it’s all wrinkled around her tummy, but that’s not cutting down on the gorgeous factor. It’s great for her figure, professional but stylish, and the heavy makeup works for her. Love the pointy Mary Janes too, of course.

Kiernan Shipka at Elle's Women in Hollywood Tribute in Beverly Hills

It’s Sally Draper. How could I not include a picture of Sally Draper? Also, I’d have punched a puppy for that dress when I was a kid. Perfection.

Kate Hudson in Prabal Gurung at Elle's Women in Hollywood Tribute in Beverly Hills

Ugh. That shoulder piece is tacky and the whole dress looks droopy and sad. I think I’d be able to give the dress my blessing if Kate had bothered to brush her hair in the month preceding this event. There is no excuse for someone that rich to have four inches of roots showing. Go blonde or go brunette – half and half is not your friend. Although her hair looks so processed and destroyed, it may not be able to afford another round of highlights before it just ups and walks away.

Keira Knightley in Nina Ricci at the London premiere of Let Me Go

Keira once again knocks it out of the park, continuing to prance around in fabulous little dresses like it’s her job. (Oh wait, it is. Lucky bitch.) The shoes are mega-awesome, the blazer is obviously to die for, and the dress? Quaint and sweet and utterly fabulous.

Christina Hendricks in Dolce & Gabbana at the Mad Men season 4 finale party in New York City

Ugh, Joanie. Large floral prints stretched over your fabulous figure? That’s just a disgrace to what a bombshell you are. And those bangs are all wrong for you. Those are the wrong shoes, and you’re seriously lacking in bling. Seriously, Team Hendricks, why is no one on their game? Do I have to do everything myself?

Anne Hathaway in Miu Miu for Vogue

Anne Hathaway referencing Audrey Hepburn – it’s simply perfect. An icon of new Hollywood dressed as an icon of old Hollywood, it’s glamour at its most pure. I love contemplative pose and expression. This is why it can be great to have a real actress in these photo shoots – they can convey a depth that many models just can’t.

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Weekly Fashion Recap

American Royalty: Wedding Edition

Bill and Chelsea

The Clinton Women

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must be aware that former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton got married this week. The bride wore a truly incredible Vera Wang bridal gown, and Hilary dazzled in fuchsia Oscar de la Renta. No complaints from this Diva – just a heartfelt ‘mazel tov’ to the bride and groom and their well-dressed family.

Best Cover

Emily Blunt in Valentino

British bombshell alert! Emily Blunt sizzled on the September cover of Elle in pink satin and black lace. She’s the perfect combination of classy and sexy. I’ve loved her since The Devil Wears Prada, and I can’t get over how killer her legs look in those delectable black lace tights.

Drab in Denim

Jessica Szohr

Diane Kruger

Oh, good. Pale, borderline acid-washed denim is back in. Because nothing says “I’m a wannabe extra in a Paula Abdul video” like a denim vest or high-waisted denim cropped pants.

High Fashion Hipster

Gwen Stefani

Gwen wore this fabulous polka-dotted gown to a friend’s wedding, mastering the art of going funky and formal. It’s not easy to keep the fanciness in the picture when trying to dress with a bit of an alternative flair, but it’s an art Ms. Stefani has mastered. Who says polka dots are just for retro and casual wear? But what’s even more difficult is standing out in a crowd while not overshadowing the bride (or whoever is the center of attention at that particular formal affair). Although Gwen is unforgettable in this hipster-glam gown, she’s not begging for the spotlight. And that gets my respect.

Dressed to Win

Lea Michele in Giambattista Valli

Tom & Lorenzo were right – Lea Michele is going to pull out the big guns on every red carpet, no matter how insignificant, from now till the Emmys. She’s campaigning hard for the Emmy for best actress in a comedy series AND the role of Fanny Bryce in the upcoming Broadway revival of Funny Girl. And here she is, looking radiant as usual. I’m happy to see her back to her classic smile – lately, she’s been seeming so serious on the red carpet, trying to look interesting and fashionable instead of happy. And I like the more natural makeup and hair – again, it makes her seem friendlier and more approachable. But let’s not ignore the fierceness of that beautiful Valli gown. It fits her like a dream, and makes this very petite girl seem long and lean. I wish she’d worn a necklace, but she still absolutely glows.

Worst of the Week

Kesha in Topshop

Kesha, sweetie, this is exactly why you should look in a mirror after blowing the cast of Avatar in the limo.

Also, ten bucks says Kesha will be admitted to rehab before Lindsay Lohan gets released.

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