Front Row at New York Fashion Week, Part 2

Welcome back to New York Fashion Week!

LEA MICHELE at the Alexander Wang show

Photo: Patrick McMullan

I’ve seen a thousand of these twist-tied, saggy dresses on runways past, and I still cannot understand their appeal. The athletic top looks beautiful on Lea Michele‘s petite figure, but the bottom is just ridiculous. And I don’t know when blue suede pumps became the go-to shoe to seem stylish and intriguing, but they’re hideous. However, the hair and makeup are virtually perfect.

COURTNEY LOVE at the Alexander Wang show

Photo: Patrick McMullan

LOVE those gloves. Wish the dress were a size bigger, but other than that, Courtney looks almost shockingly beautiful.

ANNA DELLO RUSSO at the Alexander Wang show

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Never change, ADR. Never change.

ANNA WINTOUR at the Rag & Bone show

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty

Can’t imagine a more Anna Wintour dress than this one. It’s absolutely perfect on her.

ANNA WINTOUR at the Derek Lam show

Photo: Getty

Love the skirt – any skirt with pockets is a skirt for me. Anna usually opts for dresses rather than this sweater-and-skirt combo, so I’m appreciating the change-up. And the necklace is stunning.

AMANDA SEYFRIED at the Prabal Gurung show

Photo: Justin Campbell/Startraks

Everyone’s trying to make ombre happen, but I don’t love it in these colors, particularly not with those shoes. Yellow peep-toe sandals that creep up her calves like leg braces? Who thought those were a good idea?

NICKI MINAJ at the Prabal Gurung show

Photo: Justin Campbell/Startraks

Fuck off, with your pretzel necklace. Just leave.

MANDY MOORE at the Lela Rose show
dress by Lela Rose, clutch by Kate Spade

Photo: Getty

She’s looking quite thin lately, no? Not scandalously thin, but certainly thinner than I’ve seen her looking recently. This orange is another huge color in the Spring 2012 collections, so Mandy’s right on trend. Not loving the red lipstick with the orange dress, but the dress fits her beautifully and the necklace is really interesting.

HEIDI KLUM at the Christian Siriano show

Photo: Billy Farrell

You can do way better than this, Heidi. That dress actually covers some of your vagina! Where’s the Klum of Doom we love, in her inches-long sequined bath towel?

SARAH HYLAND at the Christian Siriano show

Photo: Getty

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is the new starlet on the block. Those shoes are stripper-tastic but also totally awesome. And it’s official: the LWD is the new LBD. [Translation for straight male readers: the little white dress is the new little black dress, a wardrobe staple.] I think every single Spring 2012 collection I’ve seen featured at least one LWD, and most showed several. This particular dress isn’t my fave, but I’m looking forward to seeing what she wears in the future – and at the Emmys next week.

CORINNE BAILEY RAE at the Christian Siriano show
dress and shoes by Christian Siriano

Photo: Billy Farrell

So, CBR is all over New York Fashion week in fucking fabulous dresses. This coral color is absolutely amazing on her, and her hair and makeup are perfect as always. I love the gray-blue clutch, even if the sandals weren’t the best choice. She’s another one who I’m excited to see on future red carpets.

VANESSA HUDGENS at the Concept Korea show

Photo: David Miller/Abaca

I can’t fault her for the incredibly fake-looking wig, because she chopped all her hair off for a role and is stuck with the very ugly consequences. I’d wear a wig under such circumstances too. At least her hair, though clearly fake, looks pretty cute – and more importantly, SHE’S LOST THE EXCESS JEWELRY! Look at this – ONE bracelet, NO necklace (or perhaps one – I’m not sure what’s hair and what’s jewelry). Still too many rings, but that’s besides the point when she’s finally graduated from the school of constant and tasteless over-accessorizing.

EMMA ROBERTS at the Jill Stuart show

Photo: Getty

It’s a little frump for me, and I don’t know what the hell sort of giant neckline-to-hem tie she’s wearing, but I wish it would disappear so I could appreciate the colorblocked beauty of that long pleated skirt. I love the expression of he woman next to her, like she’s searching for signs of mental instability that would explain the necktie Emma is wearing.

ROSE MCGOWAN at the Ruffian show

Photo: Getty

I don’t like the purse with this outfit, and I wouldn’t have picked red shoes, but the outfit itself is pretty chic. The mini-skirted suit is really fantastic, especially in that ivory color. Love the little buttons on the sides of the cropped sleeves, and I’m all about the shape and cut of that skirt. Very chic and very flattering.

ROSE MCGOWAN at the Helmut Lang show

Photo: Patrick McMullen

It’s a few too many shades of gray. When you’re wearing orange pants, it’s smart to minimize the color in the other parts of the ensemble, but four different shades of gray isn’t necessarily the best way to do that.

ROSE MCGOWAN at the Charlotte Ronson show
dress by Monique Lhuillier, shoes by Brian Atwood


Rules for Front Row at New York Fashion Week, inspired by Rose McGowan’s outfit:

1. Your lipstick need not match your dress, particularly when said dress is a shade of pink that should not be seen outside Barbie’s Magic Dream House.
2. A bright pink dress and bright purple shoes are not to be worn by women old enough to have a menstrual cycle.
3. Stapling a layer of black tulle to your hem does not make your dress interesting or chic.
4. For God’s sake, put on some jewelry.

LEANN RIMES at the Charlotte Ronson show


Apparently Leann Rimes caused total paparazzi mayhem when she showed up at the Charlotte Ronson show, which is hilarious because when was the last time she was relevant to anything in our lives? Probably sometime around the release of Coyote Ugly, which was eleven years ago. Anyway, she doesn’t look particularly terrible, although all the proportions are kind of a mess here, and those giant under-boob belts are totally over. The shoes are phenomenal, but I wish the skirt were a few inches shorter and the blouse were a little less big-sleeved.

WHITNEY PORT at the Elle Fashion Next show

Photo: Billy Farrell

Whitney Port is soooo excited to be here at the junior prom, you guys!!

JULIANNE HOUGH at the Elle Fashion Next show

Photo: Billy Farrell

Hair should be down, and either a necklace or a bracelet is required. But the dress itself is awesome, even if all the styling is too minimal to be effective.

JAIME KING at the Elle Fashion Next show

Photo: Billy Farrell

She looks like an Upper East Side new-money trophy wife, who just received her decades-older husband’s entire inheritance and is trying to look as expensive as possible while having no sense of style whatsoever.

ALI LOHAN at the Pamela Love show

Photo: Patrick McMullan

Before you wonder who this androgynous, coked-out-and-starved-looking model is, know that this is Ali, Lindsay Lohan’s 17-year-old sister. If that doesn’t shock you, the picture of what she used to look like just might:

I mean, the difference is kind of startling. They don’t even look like the same person. Granted, a 17-year-old girl could look extraordinarily different from her 15-year-old self just because of growth spurts, but this difference is SO shocking (and SO Lohan) that we sort of have to assume foul play and plastic surgery were involved. I think she had some cheek or jaw or chin work, or some combination of the above. I think the rest of the dramatic appearance change is your standard case of “model dieting” – i.e., living on cigarettes, cocaine, sparkling water and nothing else for the last year or so. Either way, I hope girlfriend can manage to avoid her sister’s path in life, but that’s looking less and less likely every day.

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2 responses to Front Row at New York Fashion Week, Part 2

  1. Molly

    I cant believe that Ali Lohans reps are trying to blame her new face on “growth spurts”. I dont know about you, but when I was 17, I got taller and fatter, not a new jaw and nose.

    This is probably the best that LeAnn Rimes has looked since she got her eating disorder. Probably because it hides the fact that she needs help.
    I love Leas hair and the color of the dress, but the bottom of the dress is awful.

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