The Unmatched Beauty of Paris Fashion Week

I couldn’t narrow it down to a happy little number. There was too much beauty. So pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and put your feet up, dear readers, ’cause we’ve got some fabulous to see.

Paris Goes Punk


Balmain Spring 2011


Studded accessories have been a super-hot trend for months, and Balmain (thankfully) refuses to tire of it. This jacket is beyond perfection. It gives incredible edge and style to whatever you wear it with. And if you’re Lady Gaga, just wear it with a thong and you’re all set!


Balmain Spring 2011


This is easily the best pair of destroyed jeans I’ve ever seen. How did I not know until now that cigarette burns look AWESOME on clothes? And that ultra-faded tank is the essence of cool.


Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011


Joan Jett wigs were all over the Jean Paul Gaultier runway, giving a rocker edge to every single look. Unique twists on classic pieces also ruled this collection – like this bubble-hemmed corseted shirtdress and its somehow effortless, I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude.

Hello, Color!


Giambattista Valli Spring 2011


That is some impeccable draping. And the color-blocking is terrifically executed. Any woman could rock a dress like this. And that shade of orange is perfect.


Nina Ricci Spring 2011


Gorgeous look. Totally feminine and sweet, but incredibly fashion-forward. The design on the shirt is beautiful; complex, but not overdesigned. The skirt is heaven, and the colors scream spring. Matching the purse, but not the shoes, to the outfit was a genius styling decision. And best of all, all these pieces can be rocked separately OR together.


Lanvin Spring 2011


Who said you can’t wear red with pink? Lanvin proves that the combo of these colors can be utterly show-stopping. Dramatic and fabulous as they come – but I expect nothing less from Lanvin.

Hot Trends: Military & Lace


Valentino Spring 2011


There’s something so delicate and romantic about a dress like this. I love the skinny belt and the possibly studded, but perhaps just bejeweled shoes. The combination of such different textures is really intriguing. The dress is simple at first glance, but when you really examine it, it seems so meticulously designed and executed.


Valentino Spring 2011


Gorgeous. Another fantastic Valentino piece that gives off a false sense of simplicity when it’s really a phenomenally put together garment. The lace just seems so luxurious. And even though she’s fully covered up, there’s so much sex appeal in all that lace beauty.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


Proving that true fashion lives on even after we’re gone, this season’s Alexander McQueen collection was absolutely amazing. Nothing strayed too far from McQueen’s unique vision, but every piece still felt new and exciting. I love this regal/military inspired jacket with the totally adorable and wearable skirt. It’s a great combination of silhouettes, and the little peek-a-boo at the shoulders is so charming.

Jaw-Dropping Gowns


Lanvin Spring 2011


Another mega-hit gown from Lanvin. Perfect spring muted pastel colors – the tan and camel colors were particularly hot this season, but few designers paired it with “real” colors in such a beautiful way. But that sort of smoky jade colored skirt is unbelievable, from the flow to the fabric to the color. The necklace and shoes are amazing; once again, Lanvin reminds us of why the Paris shows are unmatched in fabulosity.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2011



Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


The interwoven braids are astounding, and they perfectly match this Eve on the Garden of Eden’s Red Carpet vibe. The gold leaves and branches climbing up the bodice are astounding, the silhouette is classic McQueen. There’s something so ethereal about this. It took my breath away. And you can kinda see her nipples, but it’s subtle – at least compared to every other designer this season (let me tell you, nipples are BACK). Definitely my favorite look from New York Fashion Week.


Alexander McQueen Spring 2011



Alexander McQueen Spring 2011


But boy, did this dress bring the DRAMA. As Nate (this Diva’s boyfriend) said to me this week, Alexander McQueen was one of the only designers who could make non-fashionistas (read: straight men) believe that fashion can truly be art. I’m happy to see that the artistic genius of McQueen’s work lives on.

You know you love the runway! Paris is grand, but check out my recaps of London, Milan, and New York Fashion Weeks. And check back later for the EPIC Red Carpet Predictions post!

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