Milan Fashion Week’s Best Looks

Three fashion weeks down, one to go! Here’s the hottest looks Milan Fashion Week had to offer. Next stop, Paris!

5. Glammed-Up Classics

Moschino Spring 2011

The dress is simple, chic, and utter perfection. And although this look clearly has never heard Coco Chanel’s advice about taking off one accessory before you leave the house, this is as glamorous as simplicity gets. The beauty of this dress is its versatility – you could see a hipster-starlet like Carey Mulligan rocking it with no jewelry and a pixie cut, but this model is styled like the richest lady at the rodeo and she is still nailing it.

4. Can’t Get Enough of Coats

Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2011

I love the color – it’s like the love child of mustard yellow and olive green. And don’t we all need a good full-length trench to match our swimsuits? I know I do. Seriously, though, this coat is heavenly. Very rainy London afternoon (not that I’d ever dream of getting this coat wet).

3. Back to Basics

Versace Spring 2011

This is the perfect combination of retro and futuristic. We’ve still got a minimalist mod vibe (loving the buttons), but those straps modernize the look. And the shoes? I haven’t seen something so alien-chic since Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2010 collection. It’s amazing how Versace can provide such a strong point of view with such simple elements.

2. The Female Tux

Francesco Scognamiglio Spring 2011

I want  to see the celebrity who can rock this sexy cream tuxedo at a red carpet event. Totally luxe, totally chic, and you’ll be sure to stand out in a sea of glittery cocktail dresses and shimmering gowns.

1. Grandma Chic Done Right

Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011

Half the fabric is my grandmother’s tablecloth; the other half is the upholstery on her couch. Yet somehow these two old lady fabrics combine into one sexy and breathtaking dress. The collection was filled with white lace vintage undergarment-inspired looks, with splashes of black lace, leopard print, and fabulous flowery prints thrown in for a little more sex appeal and intrigue. Most of the looks were closer to lingerie than wearable garments, but this dress bridged the gap. Romantic, sexy, and above all, luxurious.

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