The Week in Celebrity Fashion

A quick break from the Spring 2011 collections to pop in on our favorite celebs and see who wore what this week.

The Front Rows

Kylie Minogue at the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 show in Milan

You don’t even need to see the full dress to know how fucking good Ms. Minogue looks. The color and texture of that dress are astounding. The Louboutin shoes are killer, her legs look beautiful, and she’s basically glowing. Women half her age could only pray to look so good.

Cat Deeley at the Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 show in London

Another gorgeous Burberry military jacket? Yes, please! Cat looks totally anglo-chic in her fierce coat, skinny jeans, and boots. Casual enough so she doesn’t look like she’s trying too hard, but effortlessly fashionable at the same time.

Taylor Swift at the Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 show in Milan

My jaw dropped when I saw this photo. I could never imagine that T-Swift could look so fashionable. Don’t get me wrong, she always looks cute enough, but she’s all about the boring, red carpet-friendly white Grecian gowns, flashy red frocks, and glittery cocktail dresses. She usually dresses the way you’d expect a country-pop tween star to dress. But this is so many things I’ve never seen Taylor be before: urban, fashion-forward, and mature. The blouse and skirt as individual items are only okay, but paired together with that styling, they look totally hip. The textured stockings are beyond gorgeous, and I’d skin a puppy for those boots. The eyeliner is encroaching on Taylor Momsen territory, but the hair is gorgeous. Swifty, your new stylist deserves a bonus!

Rachel Bilson at the Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 show in Milan

Well, there you go. From head to toe, that’s exactly what I’d like to wear for the rest of my life.

Fugliest Divas

Lea Michele in Jose Duran at the PETA Gala

Well, you can’t win them all. Those triangle boob-toppers are downright awful, as is the puckering on every single seam on this dress. The hem is a disaster, and the stiff fabric looks like it sort of just collapsed on the floor. The cut is unflattering, the dress itself is boring, and LEA! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING FROM READING MY BLOG? Don’t you know by now NOT TO WEAR DARK TOE NAIL POLISH ON THE RED CARPET?!

Christina Aguilera in Versace at the LACMA Awards

Can someone please tell me when Christina Aguilera turned into the drag version of Christina Aguilera? She’s like a caricature of herself, if that caricature taped his dick back while booty-dropping to “Dirrty” in a seedy gay club.

Best Dressed Nobody

Odette Yustman in J. Mendel at the You Again premiere

This biddie is starring in You Again, which in spite of having Betty White, Kristin Chenoweth and Cloris Leachman in it looks like it may be the worst move of all time. But HELLO, GORGEOUS! Even though it’s basically a carbon copy of the Jason Wu gown Diane Kruger wore to the SAG Awards, it’s still a refreshing look, particularly for a Hollywood noob.

Worst Dressed of the Week

Julianne Moore at the Iconoclasts season five premiere

I have so many questions. Are the pants dirty, or are they supposed to have smudges of white dust all over them? Who wears above-the-ankle strappy shoes with pants that almost reach them? Why are there so many buckles on those pants? What purpose could that possibly serve? Is she wearing a blazer with no shirt underneath? What unfortunate color are her toenails painted? Why do her feet look misshapen, pink, and angry? And why does she seem to have aged fifteen years in the last six months?

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The Best of London Fashion Week

Time to unleash your innermost Anglophilia! Let’s talk about the hottest looks on the runway at London Fashion Week.

5. Suit Up

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2011

Vivienne Westwood is one of the main reasons that I love British fashion. She’s quirky and original, and this look embodies that. The suit itself is fantastic, from the slightly cock-eyed skirt to the supremely fabulous matching hat. Throw on some red lipstick and a few splotches of blue paint, and you’ve got yourself a look!

4. Joan Meets Betty

Paul Costelloe Spring 2011

The New York runways were all about the 1970s, but overseas, the 1960s were the trendy decade of choice. Perhaps Mad Men, the upcoming Jackie O biopic, and other 1960s nostalgia are bringing the era back, but regardless of who is to blame, this dress has Betty Draper meets Joan Holloway all over it. The soft, sweet colors and the way it flares out at the waist remind me of the iconic little housewife (played by January Jones), but the neckline, bodice, and simple sex appeal feel more like the ferocious redhead Joan (Christina Hendricks). But whoever this dress is, it’s certainly gorgeous (and miles shorter than either character would dream of wearing).

3. The Little Grey Dress

My definition of a new classic: You never knew it until you saw it, but you’ve been wanting it your entire life. That’s exactly how I feel about this dress. It feels so fresh and modern, and yet it belongs in every woman’s closet. It’s amazing that such a simple dress in such subdued colors can be such a showstopper.

2. The Truly Perfect Military Coat


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a thing for coats. Seriously. Ladies, you can have your shoes and purses and belts – just give me trenches, peacoats, waistcoats, tuxedo jackets, blazers, and the like. And very few designers make a better coat than Burberry. This coat-dress is beyond perfection. I love the military design elements – the olive green color, the double-breasted cut, the big buttons, the wide shoulders – and it’s perfectly accessorized for the runway. The slim fit from the waist and in the long sleeves sexes up the otherwise masculine details. Perfect from collar to hem.


1. From Modern to Mod

Paul Smith Spring 2011

Project Runway just did a challenge on what the modern Jackie Kennedy would wear, but I think Paul Smith hit the nail on the head better than any of those designers. The silhouette is classic as can be – perfect simplicity. The flowery print is vintage-looking, as are the white polka dots, but together they create something modern and stunning. And like the Burberry coat, this look is also completed by a skinny yellow double-wrapped belt, which gives it a funky, downtown pop. I’ll take the shoes as well.

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Project Runway S8 E9

Okay, who else is ready for the “Shocking Twist: MAKE MORE STUFF! WITH NO EXTRA TIME!” gimmick to be up? I understand the contestants need to be challenged, but if you expect someone to make a high fashion gown, at least give them more than a day to make it. It’s not about being kinder to the designers – it’s the simple fact that everything on the runway looks like shit when the designers run out of time. Throwing a ready-to-wear look on top of the challenge just decreased the quality of every garment.

And is it just me, or is a total oxymoron to instruct the designers to create a high-fashion couture look… to advertise an $8 eyeshadow? I get that the winner’s $20,000 needs to come from somewhere, but please. Don’t pretend something in a L’Oreal commercial is going to be Parisian couture. It’s an insult to your viewers.

Alright, I’ll shut up. Let’s start the show.

Andy – Top 3


I absolutely loved this when it first went down the runway, but the more I look at it, the less impressed I actually am. I still love the fact that Andy made pants, and more importantly, pants that fit well. Christian Siriano is basically the only other designer in the show’s history who can actually construct a pair of pants. At first I appreciated how over-the-top it was, but viewed in photos instead of on TV, it’s basically a bunch of fan-like objects placed on top of an ordinary black suit. And that feels like a bit of a cop-out to me. But Andy has stood by his point of view week after week, which I respect. And in the hot mess on that runway, his stuck out as one of the few with any creativity whatsoever. He’d still have made the top 3 in my judging, but only because everybody sucked this week.

Ready To Wear (RTW):

Sexy, simple, and relatively well-made, considering the constraints he was under. It feels a little Gaga, which I love.

April – Safe


I feel like I should be sick of April’s goth-chic aesthetic by now, but I’m not. It doesn’t make for great television, because it’s hard to see the details in all her black outfits, but when you review them in photos, each garment is intricate and unique. I’m digging the leather-and-lace train in particular. It’s like Lady Gaga meets Twilight, which sounds like it should be terrible but actually sort of works! It’s not exactly couture, but it’s intriguing and creative, and for that, I’d have put April in the top 3.


Like Andy’s RTW look, April’s dress doesn’t move mountains, but it’s cute enough and isn’t falling apart at the seams. I hate that necklace, though.

Christopher – Safe


I didn’t hate this when I first saw it, but I hate it more every minute I look at it. The white draping around her waist is sloppy and unflattering, and in the immortal words of Michael Kors, it looks like she’s pooping fabric. That dirty rose water pink is awful, as is the “nude” underlay that clashes horribly with the model’s skin tone. The shoulder piece is nice from the back, but a little underwhelming from the front. But the hair and makeup really drag this down into the dumps. Christopher seems like a wonderfully sweet person and a good designer, but he may just be too boring to continue much further on the show.


Oof! That is some sloppy sewing. The dress is only slightly more boring than April’s and Andy’s RTW looks, but the snooze-worthy fabrics and truly shoddy construction make it seem like a much hotter disaster. And I’d have put him in the bottom 3 for two poorly made and drab-colored garments down the runway.

Gretchen – Top 3


Since this season began, I’ve never liked anything Gretchen designs as much as the judges praise it. Sometimes it’s just a matter of personal taste – the 1970s aesthetic that’s all over Gretchen’s mind and the New York Fashion Week runways right now is really not my style – but sometimes, I just want to tell Michael, Nina, and Heidi to put down the crack pipe and open their eyes. This is ugly, dowdy, matronly, and not even remotely couture or high-fashion. I don’t think it feels expensive or chic, and the back, which the judges creamed their pants over, looks beyond tacky to me. I’ll concede that the feather work is nicely done, but this is not a garment that a real woman wants to wear.


Gretchen, I’ll give you $20,000 myself if you just make something that doesn’t feature a slouchy sweater, oversized sleeves, or droopy fabrics of any kind. Gretchen’s strong construction skills would make me judge her as safe, but no way in hell would she be in the top 3 if I were in the judge’s circle.

Ivy – Eliminated


Well, it was about damn time. Ivy’s been churning out ugly after ugly since the beginning. But I must say, even I could not have anticipated just how ugly this was going to be. I knew the colors were tacky, the concept was too literal, and it wouldn’t be remotely high fashion, but I didn’t think it was going to look THIS bad.


And THIS was so bad, it was almost funny. The lack of a hem, the so-called draping, that awful neckline – I’d have sent Ivy home for either one of these looks, and she solidified her fate with two equally horrible garments.

Michael C – Bottom 3


Before I noticed the wire hem, the never-ending train and the way the Bordeaux fabric shimmers, I didn’t hate this. I thought it was so derivative of Christian Siriano and other similar designers that it was practically copyright infringement, but I didn’t think it was ugly. But those three details (hem, train, shininess) killed it for me.


Again, it’s every Alice + Olivia cocktail dress that Barneys sells, proving once again that Michael C has not an original thought in his head, but at least I could see a young woman wearing this. I actually would have made Michael C safe, not thrown him in the bottom, but I swear if I see one more zipper on this fucking runway, I’m going to lose my mind.

Mondo – Winner!


I didn’t love the front, but this was by far the best look on the runway. I hate that the bodice sits so far away from her chest, and the black satiny fabric he used for the front looks cheap and tacky, but the back is simply stunning. I agree with the judges that the length is a problem (too short in front, too long in back), but the back of this dress is the only thing on the runway that I would call high fashion. As always, Mondo mixes prints and colors with impeccable skill, but what amazes me is the geometric, architectural shapes to this skirt. It’s not simply draped in back – it’s practically origami folded in such a complex and beautiful way.


Simple and chic, but supremely body-conscious and much more show-stopping than any of the other RTW looks. If his win wasn’t solidified with the couture dress, this certainly would have given him the win in my book.

Valerie – Bottom 3


Oh, lord. This dress is as basic as basic gets. The only actual design aspect is that sad little shoulder piece; the rest is an endless nightmare of white. Did she really think she could just wrap white fabric around her model and call it a day?


I still get queasy just looking at this hot mess. It certainly gives Ivy a run for her money in terms of suckery. Valerie should thank her lucky stars that Ivy screwed up so badly, and she should watch her back, because if she doesn’t make a 180 soon, the judges are not going to forgive her.

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