The Best of London Fashion Week

Time to unleash your innermost Anglophilia! Let’s talk about the hottest looks on the runway at London Fashion Week.

5. Suit Up

Vivienne Westwood Red Label Spring 2011

Vivienne Westwood is one of the main reasons that I love British fashion. She’s quirky and original, and this look embodies that. The suit itself is fantastic, from the slightly cock-eyed skirt to the supremely fabulous matching hat. Throw on some red lipstick and a few splotches of blue paint, and you’ve got yourself a look!

4. Joan Meets Betty

Paul Costelloe Spring 2011

The New York runways were all about the 1970s, but overseas, the 1960s were the trendy decade of choice. Perhaps Mad Men, the upcoming Jackie O biopic, and other 1960s nostalgia are bringing the era back, but regardless of who is to blame, this dress has Betty Draper meets Joan Holloway all over it. The soft, sweet colors and the way it flares out at the waist remind me of the iconic little housewife (played by January Jones), but the neckline, bodice, and simple sex appeal feel more like the ferocious redhead Joan (Christina Hendricks). But whoever this dress is, it’s certainly gorgeous (and miles shorter than either character would dream of wearing).

3. The Little Grey Dress

My definition of a new classic: You never knew it until you saw it, but you’ve been wanting it your entire life. That’s exactly how I feel about this dress. It feels so fresh and modern, and yet it belongs in every woman’s closet. It’s amazing that such a simple dress in such subdued colors can be such a showstopper.

2. The Truly Perfect Military Coat


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a thing for coats. Seriously. Ladies, you can have your shoes and purses and belts – just give me trenches, peacoats, waistcoats, tuxedo jackets, blazers, and the like. And very few designers make a better coat than Burberry. This coat-dress is beyond perfection. I love the military design elements – the olive green color, the double-breasted cut, the big buttons, the wide shoulders – and it’s perfectly accessorized for the runway. The slim fit from the waist and in the long sleeves sexes up the otherwise masculine details. Perfect from collar to hem.


1. From Modern to Mod

Paul Smith Spring 2011

Project Runway just did a challenge on what the modern Jackie Kennedy would wear, but I think Paul Smith hit the nail on the head better than any of those designers. The silhouette is classic as can be – perfect simplicity. The flowery print is vintage-looking, as are the white polka dots, but together they create something modern and stunning. And like the Burberry coat, this look is also completed by a skinny yellow double-wrapped belt, which gives it a funky, downtown pop. I’ll take the shoes as well.

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