Rachel McAdams for Elle

Rachel McAdams glammed up for the cover of Elle Magazine’s June 2011 issue. Let’s judge.

The cover is adorable (though a little more Seventeen than Elle), but it has nothing to do with the rest of the photo shoot, which has a much more sex kitten vibe to it.

Coat by Burberry ($4195);  lingerie by Josie Natori ($225)

Hot girl in lingerie and a lush coat? Doesn’t really get much better (or more obvious) than that. I love the lighting and the dragalicious hair. (But those roots are killing me.)

“Oh my god, there’s just too many of me. It’s so beautiful I have to look away dramatically and expose a shoulder in the style of Gypsy Rose Lee!”

Dress by Moschino Cheap & Chic ($895); shoes by Christian Louboutin ($775)

 Fierce dress. The pose is a little cliche, but at least it’s dramatic. But if I had those peep-toe Louboutins anywhere near me, I’d already be running out the door with them in my purse.

Dress by Gucci ($3,450)

She’s terrifyingly airbrushed, and looks quite pregnant, but the details on that dress photograph beautifully, even if they don’t make any sense on her.

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