The Star-Studded Elle “Women in Hollywood” Event

The women in Hollywood united in party dresses to celebrate themselves.

NICOLE RICHIE // gown by Douglas Hannant, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

I don’t think Nicole Richie has ever been at the top of my best dressed list before, but I was blown away by this look. The gown is gorgeous – the colors are so unique, and the print is lovely – and her styling is clean, modern, and lovely. I haven’t seen her look this put-together in quite awhile.

MICHELLE PFEIFFER // dress, purse and belt by Alexander McQueen

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

In case you were wondering whether Michelle Pfeiffer is still the fiercest woman in any given room … she is.

EVAN RACHEL WOOD // gown by Alessandra Rich

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

Beautiful and dramatic, great shape and fit, styled well. Keep it up, ERW!

FREIDA PINTO // dress by Calvin Klein, shoes by Marni

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

The proportions are a nightmare – the length of that dress is just insanity. A foot and a half shorter would be more appropriate. Those shoes are kind of hideous but kind of awesome, but her pigeon-toed stance is really bothering me. And this dress is about as boring as it can possibly be. Try harder next time, Freida.

AMBER HEARD // dress and shoes by Calvin Klein

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

I hate when Calvin Klein hosts or sponsors an event, because it means that half the attendees will be wearing the world’s most boring dresses. Amber needs a new colorist (those roots are pathetic, and that shade of blonde is awful on your skin), a new makeup artist (who told you dark red lips work for you?!), and a new stylist (the shoes are fug, and the rest is too boring to comment on).


Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

Oof. You can tell honey’s got a baby at home and has more important things to worry about than things like not having mental patient hair or remembering to put her sleeves on before she leaves the house.

JAYMA MAYS // dress by Catherine Malandrino, purse by Hoss

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

Stop dressing like Miss Teen Canada.

GILLIAN JACOBS // dress by Mary Katrantzou, purse by Edie Parker

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

I understand that Mary Katrantzou is the go-to designer for hipster starlets, but did she have to pair it with Kentucky drag queen hair, green shoes, and a blue purse? She looks like a cartoon prostitute on acid.

CHLOË MORETZ // dress by Calvin Klein

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

Even this adorable starlet can’t improve that fugly dress.

KATHERINE HEIGL // dress by Amanda Wakeley

Photo: Sara De Boer/Startraks

I can’t believe she’s still allowed to show up on the red carpet. That hair should have her banned from all industry events. Even Kate Gosselin would look at that hair and say, “Honeyyy, that is NOT a good look for you.” And don’t get me started on that trashy cleavage cut-out. She looks so fucking desperate.

JENNIFER ANISTON // dress by Kaufman Franco, purse by Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes by Balenciaga

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage

Jennifer Aniston, you look like a pregnant stripper.

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3 responses to The Star-Studded Elle “Women in Hollywood” Event

  1. Can’t believe Katherine Heigle is still welcome at things, with all the trash talking she does of HER OWN MOVIES! I’d never want her around for her bad press. And she looks like crap too…

    And I agree with you. Anniston looks like a pregnant stripper.

    What is with Freida Pinto’s dress? It makes her top half look tiny and her hips look very large. Nothing wrong with large hips, but the dress just doesn’t flatter her at all.

  2. I usually find myself mentally defending Jennifer Anniston when she appears here, but “pregnant stripper” is really the only way to describe that look.

    I forgot how pretty EVR actually is, when she dresses herself properly and stops looking like an idiot everywhere.

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