Claire Danes for Vogue

If, like me, you have wanted to be Claire Danes since the first time you saw Angela Chase’s bottle-red hair, get ready for the fashion spread of a lifetime.  

Vogue August 2013
photographed by Annie Leibovitz, styled by Tonne Goodman
dress by Victoria Beckham, watch by Hermès, shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

I, for one, love the absurdity of pairing the Homeland-esque terrorist interrogations with chic little Victoria Beckham dresses. This perfect little sheath dress was my Fall 2013 red carpet prediction for Miranda Kerr, who would have accessorized it to perfection as per usual, but I think it works even better in this shot. I love the way the color of the dress almost fades into the background, making Claire’s beautiful face and legs pop brilliantly.

dress by Calvin Klein, watch by Omega

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

I believe we would have already won the War on Terror if all our agents wore backless turquoise Calvin Klein dresses. Don’t you agree? Also, there’s something a little bit hilarious about the way she’s posing in front of the two-way mirror.

Claire’s jacket and skirt by Hermès
Damien’s jacket by Ralph Lauren, sweater by Tom Ford

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Love her expression in this photo (and her suede-looking jacket/skirt combo, of course), but he looks a little fake or photoshopped or something, no? It sort of looks like she’s so alarmed by the plastic sight of him that she fears he may melt before her very eyes.

Claire’s dress by Donna Karan
Damien’s shirt by Prada, watch by Christian Dior

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

I think that red Donna Karan dress belongs in ALL of our closets, no? It’s simply flawless. Although the strange angle of this photo makes her butt looks like it has three or four sides to it.

dress by Narciso Rodriguez

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

By far my least favorite photo of the spread. He looks like a toy soldier, and she’s missing an arm.

coat by Burberry

Photo: Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

Great cover. The hair could be better, but that trench is a work of art, the colors and textures are just amazing, and her eyes are unstoppably fierce. All hail the great Danes.

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