RESULTS: March Fabness 2011, Round 2

The votes have been counted.

LEA MICHELE, 69% vs. Emma Stone, 31%

BLAKE LIVELY, 54% vs. Amy Adams, 46%

EMMA WATSON, 92% vs. Olivia Wilde, 8%

KEIRA KNIGHTLEY, 71% vs. Tina Fey, 29%

NATALIE PORTMAN, 52% vs. Hailee Steinfeld, 48%

ANNE HATHAWAY, 93% vs. Katy Perry, 7%

TAYLOR SWIFT, 86% vs. Kristen Stewart, 14%

JAYMA MAYS, 67% vs. Florence Welch, 33%

KATE MIDDLETON, 72% vs. Claire Danes, 28%

SCARLETT JOHANSSON, 61% vs. Anna Kendrick, 39%

MICHELLE OBAMA, 54% vs. Selena Gomez, 46%

DIANE KRUGER, 61% vs. Helen Mirren, 39%

REESE WITHERSPOON, 54% vs. Rachel Bilson, 46%

MILA KUNIS, 94% vs. Jennifer Lawrence, 6%

KATE BECKINSALE, 79% vs. Catherine Zeta-Jones, 21%

DIANNA AGRON, 54% vs. Eva Mendes, 46%


Round 2 MVP: Mila Kunis, who absolutely murdered Jennifer Lawrence with 94 percent of the vote. Honorable mention to Anne Hathaway, for her 93% win over Katy Perry, and Emma Watson, for her 92% win over Olivia Wilde.

Closest Games: The epic battle of Hailee Steinfeld vs. Natalie Portman raged on for days, and they were never more than one vote apart. But Natalie ultimately took home the Oscar, and will move on to ROUND THREE: THE SWEET SIXTEEN.

© Democracy Diva, 2011.

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