Front Row at Paris Couture Fashion Week

Fashion’s favorite stars donned their favorite labels to sit front row at the Paris couture shows.

DIANE KRUGER at the Chanel show // dress, purse and boots by Chanel

Photo: FameFlynet

Hands down, my favorite look from the front rows of couture fashion week. This was my Pre-Fall 2012 red carpet prediction for Elle Fanning, but I’m drooling over the fabulous boots Diane paired this adorable dress with. There was a painful lack of color on the front row celebrities this week, but at least Diane brought B&W to a whole new level.

DIANE KRUGER at the Giambattista Valli show // dress by Giambattista Valli

Photo: WireImage

Ms. Kruger also strutted her stuff at Giambattista Valli’s presentation. It’s a lot of look, but hell, if you can’t pull out this much look at Paris couture fashion week, when can you? Love the shoes.

DIANE KRUGER at the Versace show // dress by Versace, shoes by Versus

Photo: Benaroch/Sipa

That print is hideous, but Diane is working it as best she can. It helps that it’s in a flattering silhouette and that she’s got killer legs and is sporting yet another pair of enviably fabulous shoes.

DITA VON TEESE at the Jean Paul Gaultier show

Photo: Getty

Those lace shoes look prostitutey on most celebrities, but Dita pulls them off. (I mean, if you’re a burlesque star, you are practically required to wear lace shoes.) She looks fab, as always, but good lord. Could no one don a color this week? I know it’s midwinter, but it is the spring couture collections, after all.

ANNA WINTOUR at the Chanel show

Photo: FameFlynet

But if you’re going to go buttoned-up for the winter weather, this is how to do it. Anna is all kinds of fabulous with her weather-appropriate-but-totally-fierce boots and and stunning tweed suit.

ANNA WINTOUR at the Dior show

Photo: Getty

She also brought fierce boots and cold-weather gear to the Dior show. I always find full fur coats like that to be kind of garish and hideous, but I dig the dress and belt.

ANNA WINTOUR at a Prada store opening

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Color! Thank God! It’s not as sharp as Anna’s usual looks, but I’m just so relieved to see some bright and bold colors. Paired with a coat, it’s a fantastic combination. The scarf and boots were smart for the weather, but are a little bulky for this look. Alas, even Anna Wintour needs to keep warm sometimes.

VANESSA PARADIS at the Chanel show

Photo: FameFlynet

I think you have to be a French model or an old western cowgirl to rock those boots with a full-length white dress, but at least it’s interesting. The jacket is all kinds of gorgeous.

CLEMENCE POESY at the Chanel show

Photo: Getty

I’m torn on this look. Part of me understands that lots of starlets hit fashion shows in skinny jeans and a t-shirt, and pours on thousands of dollars worth of shoes, purses, blazers, etc. But part of me says, come on, woman. You’re a mega-hot French actress at the Chanel couture presentation in Paris – you could wear anything! It’s not that she doesn’t look great, it’s just that she could have looked infinitely greater.

ELIZABETH OLSEN at the Chanel show

Photo: FameFlynet

I give the same comments to Ms. Olsen, but they are mitigated because she appears to be wearing some kind of awesome textured leggings or pants rather than basic jeans. However, the jacket, though adorable, brings things to a more casual place. I do like the hint of sparkle on the platform of her boots, and I think the hippie sunglasses are cute on her. But if when I get to go to the Chanel couture show in Paris, you can bet I’m wearing something a thousand times more extravagant than this.

CAMERON DIAZ at the Versace show // dress and coat by Versace

Photo: FameFlynet

Cameron Diaz was positively ubiquitous during fashion week – a little surprising, since she’s not known for being a regular attendee, at least not at the Paris couture shows. Anyway, I still think her new haircut is a bit of a hot disaster, but I loved this Versace look on her. The dress is truly fantastic, with that fierce and fabulous skirt. The coat is both practical and adorable, and the boots were a good choice.

CAMERON DIAZ at the Valentino show // dress and purse by Valentino, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: People Style Watch

Well, at least the hair looks relatively good here. The dress is a little too precious for Cameron – Elle Fanning wore a full-length nude version a few months ago, and it wasn’t my favorite thing on earth, but at least it was appropriate on a tween. On Cameron? Not so much. And the nude pumps are a bit uninspired.

CAMERON DIAZ at the Givenchy show

Photo: FameFlynet

Is she wearing vagina-high boots? Leggings that turn into boots? A superhero uniform? Is she about to throw off her sweater, summon her other-worldly powers from her fabulous purse, and fly off into the night to fight crime?

CAMERON DIAZ at the Dior show // dress by Christian Dior, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Photo: FameFlynet

You’re turning forty this year, darling. You can still dress as sexy as you please – but you’re well past the age of little-girl dresses.

CAMERON DIAZ at the Chanel show // dress and coat by Chanel

Photo: FameFlynet

It’s fine, I guess. But how can you attend five different fashion shows in totally different outfits and NEVER ONCE WEAR A COLOR?!

JESSICA CHASTAIN at the Armani Privé show // dress by Armani Privé

Photo: Bauer Griffin

This was the second most colorful look in the front rows of Paris fashion week. And that, my dear readers, makes me sad. The dress is fine, but nothing special. I like the purse and the collar, but I’m looking forward to Jessica pulling out some serious fashion as the Oscars approach.

BAR REFAELI at the Dior show // dress by Azzedine Alaïa


The dress is a bit of a snooze, but the shoes are pretty. Also, I’m not sure that big-and-wild hair style really suits her.

OLIVIA PALERMO at the Dior show

Photo: Rex

Clearly, Olivia is one of the stars who throws on leggings, eighty accessories, and a slouchy top for fashion week. But you’d thing she could at least have her hair look normal and not be wearing a dead bird as a bracelet. Not loving that awkward gap between her leggings and boots, either.

OLIVIA PALERMO at the Armani Privé show

Photo: FameFlynet

She couldn’t even bother to change her tacky leather leggings? There’s nothing impressive happening here. Isn’t the point of getting a front row seat to wear something fabulous by the designer? Or at least, you know, look good?

SALMA HAYEK at a Prada party // dress by Alexander McQueen

Photo: Victor Boyko/WireImage

The ponytail, the collar, the cleavage, the ridiculous shoulderpads – this is a straight-up mess. I know Salma loves her McQueen, but his designs can be a whole lot of look, and she’s not always the woman to pull them off.

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7 responses to Front Row at Paris Couture Fashion Week

  1. I want Vanessa Paradis’s leather jacket! The cutouts are amazing!

    Someone needs to tell Cameron that her short cut was cute 10 years ago in Charlie’s Angels, but now, it’s not. It’s looking kind of sad.

    • democracydiva – Author

      Leather + cut-outs = fabulous.
      And I thought literally the same thing about Cameron, but my brain referenced her hair in “There’s Something About Mary.” Great minds.

      Thanks for commenting as always! ❤

  2. Molly

    I hate Camerons hair. Its not flattering at all. Firstly, all it does it point out that her face is nothing to write home about. Secondly, she needs to color it darker. That bleach blonde was fine a few years ago, but not anymore.

  3. To be fair: “painful lack of color” is the way Parisians dress. On a near daily basis I want to implore the whole city to wear colors. I find myself reaching for the crazy dresses I bought in Ghana as an act of protest, and I get ridiculously excited when I see an actual Parisian woman in bright colors. (Usually colors are a way of suggesting that you are, in fact, a foreigner.)

  4. anna maria

    terrible terrible fashion sense-oh dear!!! olivia palermo OUT-terrible fashionista,who is she anyway??? Vanessa paradis,j’adore,j’adore.j’adore

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