Project Runway Recap: S11 E10

Welcome back to the Runway, dear readers! 

The Challenge: Go to the Guggenheim, get inspired, and in teams of two, create a “wearable art” look and a ready-to-wear version of that look. Oh, and it was also the make-your-own-textile challenge, which reads more and more like a 90-minute commercial for HP every damn season. Winner gets ten grand, so the emotions were running obnoxiously high in the workroom.

Guest Judge: Rachel Roy filling in for Zac Posen AGAIN. (Seriously, Zac, why even take the job if you can never be there?) And designer Tracy Reese, who was generally adorable and an enjoyable addition to the judging panel.

Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

By far the best thing Daniel has made since very early in this competition. The jacket is virtually perfect – probably the best individual garment of the season – and the print on the skirt is fabulous, keeping the look modern and youthful.

Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

This was a disaster, and Layana’s nonstop whiny dramatics didn’t win her any points this episode either. This isn’t wearable and it isn’t art – it’s a hot mess. I hated everything except the fascinator. Also, is she wearing giant pink platforms? Is that the flash of pink poking out in the back? Because if so, WHY?!

Top 2
Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

Michelle (and Stanley) made the best attempt at the “wearable art” look, though I think it had one or two too many design elements. The painting on the train was beautiful and looked fabulous on the runway, but the headpiece feels like excess. I think the skirt should have been two tiers instead of three – eliminating that little semi-peplum would have helped.

Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

I love it. I have nothing else to say – I just love it.

Bottom 2
Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

First of all, what Heidi called a “veil” (and considered beautiful) looks more like a burlap sack to me. The little pleated skirt portion is actually very nice, though I’m not sold on the straitjacket above it, but the stripes on that giant floor-length skirt look like something Ronald McDonald would wear. But I still thought Layana’s attempt at “wearable art” was much worse.

Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

Richard should have been gone weeks ago. This was bad, but it wasn’t necessarily the worst thing on the runway – it’s just that there was nothing keeping Richard in this competition, so he would have had to pull out something noticeably good to have a chance. Instead, he made a boring top and a skirt no one would wear, so good riddance, Richard.

Judges’ Top 2: Stanley and Michelle
Diva’s Top 2: Stanley and Daniel
Judges’ Bottom 2: Patricia and Richard
Diva’s Bottom 2: Layana and Richard

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One response to Project Runway Recap: S11 E10

  1. Ivy Freeborn

    I absolutely LOVED watching Patricia fuss and worry about her partner’s time management. Turnabout, fair play, etc. I could see her creation as “art” but only a genius could have come up with a companion look. I think Richard actually wanted to come up with a look but was unable to decide that since he couldn’t understand what Patricia was driving at, he should just make a dress and explain on the runway. I enjoyed Patricia’s textile work at first but she ran out of ideas.

    Michelle’s was art, but I preferred Standley’s- and I don’t like,and am not comfortable in that babydoll non-bodice. However, he had the cut beautiful, the flow was lovely, and the length was perfect for a tall girl- and I’m assuming all the models are tall. That’s also a design that would look well with many prints.

    Layana… oh, Layana. Grow up. I’ve never heard so much nonstop whining in my life. Honestly! She was over her head in this challenge, and Daniel behaved heroically. He offered her the choice of art versus ready to wear. He told her he’d work with any design she came up with. She claimed that she was taking charge of both looks because she didn’t think he could come up with something. She gave him about 24 inches of fabric to use. She blamed Daniel for failing to help her even though she said he was trying but “he’s not a very good teammate because he’s not helping me get out of this.” At this point I wouldn’t care how talented Layana is, I want her kicked out and she can sob about being betrayed all the way home.

    Seriously, I don’t think she always means to whine but she can’t hear her tone of voice. Maybe when she watches the program, as I’m sure she is, she’ll take a good hard look at her behavior. Tim Gunn is too nice.

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