The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Press Tour, Part 1

I’ve been desperately waiting for this moment for what feels like an eternity, dear readers. THE HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE red carpet shitstorm has begun, and it’s time to start squeeing over Katniss and Effie in couture. 

JENNIFER LAWRENCE at the London premiere
gown by Christian Dior, shoes by Kurt Geiger

Photo: David Fisher/Rex

Jennifer Lawrence hit the world premiere looking crazy-beautiful in her funfetti-dipped white Dior gown. The navy shoes and dark nails are flawless, and the look is more interesting and modern than your standard “look at me!” movie premiere gown. And fuck all y’all pixie haters – she’s working that short hair, like she would work ANY hair, BECAUSE SHE’S AMAZING. (If you’re expecting a lack of bias from me regarding Hunger Games stars, you’re in for a disappointment. All you will find here is fangirl flailing.)

JENNIFER LAWRENCE at the Berlin premiere
dress by Christian Dior, shoes by Stuart Weitzman

Photo: Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/Wenn

Ridiculously gorgeous coat. I can’t even begin to imagine how many coffee stains this perfect coat would have on it after a mere day in my possession. I do wish she’d gone for a much more interesting shoe – the classic, simple silhouette definitely called out for something a little more fun than these strappy sandals.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE at the London after-party
dress by Louis Vuitton, shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Photo: Splash News

Flapper-fabulous. The modern art deco vibe is a great look for her. But again, I have to ask, did someone on her staff lose the suitcase with all the fabulous shoes in it it?

JENNIFER LAWRENCE at the Madrid photocall
top and skirt by Alexander McQueen, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: C. Kasady/Insight


ELIZABETH BANKS at the Berlin premiere
gown by Elie Saab, purse by Kara Ross

Photo: A-way!/Splash News

Now that the J.Law-related squealing is over (well, until Part 2 of the press tour!), I can focus my attention on Elizabeth Banks. Her last Hunger Games press tour – the woman had more phenomenal outfits in two weeks than most starlets manage in two years. So as much I love Jennifer Lawrence, it was really Effie Trinket and her signature glittery gowns and shockingly bright colors that I was dying to see.

And with this Elie Saab gown, Banks did NOT disappoint. My god. Her hair, her skin, the earrings, the purse, the ring, the dress – she’s literally shimmering from head to toe. It’s absolute heaven.

ELIZABETH BANKS at the London premiere
gown by Jason Wu

Photo: James Higgins/Splash News

YES. She wore this color a couple of times during the last press tour, and it’s always such a goddamn statement-maker. I think the bodice is interesting and looks incredibly cool on her, but I think most women would have to be a few inches taller than this to really pull off that silhouette. Regardless, she’s killing it.

ELIZABETH BANKS at the London after-party
dress by Jason Wu, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Getty

The perfect after-party look – still her signature shimmer, and still mega-flattering, but this one’s easy to dance in!

ELIZABETH BANKS at the London photocall
dress by Alexander McQueen, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

This one feels a little disjointed to me. The dress: undoubtedly adorable, from the fit to the print to the pockets. The shoes: totally gorgeous, but such a complicated shoe was probably not the best choice for this dress. The makeup: her face looks like it was photoshopped onto her body, which isn’t a great sign.

JENA MALONE at the London premiere
gown by Monique Lhuillier

Photo: David M. Benett/WireImage

Ooh, girl! Way to hold your own amidst the J.Laws and Bankses of the red carpet, honey! This is one hell of a gown. I’ve got some quibbles with the hair and makeup, and I think she might be wearing black platforms with this gown, which is less than excellent. But overall, a head-turning look for sure.

JENA MALONE at the London photocall
dress by ASOS, shoes by Bionda Castana

Photo: Wenn

Okay, the hair and makeup have gotten seriously out of control, and the dress has a tacky late-90s quality to it that I really don’t enjoy. And the black ankle booties? No, honey. Just no.

WILLOW SHIELDS at the London premiere
dress by Emilia Wickstead, necklace by Bijoux Heart, shoes by Aperlai

Photo: WENN

You guys, how freaking adorable is Prim on the red carpet?! She’s thirteen, and cute as a little button, with her Disney princess hair and adorable yellow dress. Also, that necklace? Those earrings? Girl is an accessorizing master, and she’s barely hit puberty. Can we make sure she becomes friends with Kiernan Shipka so they can hit the town being adorable and fabulously-dressed together?

LIAM HEMSWORTH at the Berlin premiere
suit by Hugo Boss

Photo: Vienna Report/Bauer Griffin

Wow. I mean, I’m Team Peeta, but this is a pretty convincing argument for Team Gale. I was expecting the boys to stick to basic black for the whole press tour, as man-stars often do, so I basically gasped at Liam’s delicious navy suit. It’s a severe look, the tight and slightly shiny blue-and-black suit, but he wears it well.

LIAM HEMSWORTH at the London premiere
suit and tie by Alexander McQueen

Photo: Zak Hussein/Getty

And still delicious in basic black.

SAM CLAFLIN at the London premiere
suit by Burberry

Photo: Wenn

First of all, no, I could not find a full-length photo of Sam Claflin where he was not making this incredibly douchey face. Second, is this the most English-looking Englishman in the history of the world, or what? Something about a blue double-breasted suit, without a tie but with a pocketsquare, just feels very British male model to me. I don’t dislike it, but it doesn’t exactly scream “sex god from the fishing district” to me.  (I suppose few outfits can. Sadly.)

JOSH HUTCHERSON at the Berlin premiere
suit, shirt, and tie by Billy Reid

Photo: Vienna Report/Bauer Griffin

A freaking flawless three-piece suit. I’d have gone for a tie with vertical stripes instead of horizontal, because it would elongate his silhouette a bit (and petite folks like me and Josh need that).

JOSH HUTCHERSON at the London premiere
suit by Emporio Armani, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Wenn

Here you go, fangirls! Some freshly pressed, delicious Peeta to hold you over until the next premiere. As the press tour moves across Europe and heads to the States, the Democracy Diva will not rest until she’s squealed and bitched and abused the caps lock button for every Hunger Games star on every corner of the earth. Stay tuned, dear readers.

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7 responses to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Press Tour, Part 1

  1. While J.Law is my secret BFF like everyone else and Elizabeth Banks makes my heart squee with her efforts to bring Effie into her personal wardrobe, I’m probably most excited about Jena Malone’s red carpet appearances. It seems like even when she looks a bit of a hot mess she’s always going to keep shit interesting. I approve of that.

    (and will feel really betrayed if/when she wears a boring dress)

    • democracydiva – Author

      Jena Malone definitely gets a preemptive 1430 for keeping shit interesting. I’m definitely MOST excited for Elizabeth Banks’s wardrobe, but I feel you.

  2. Oh, also? Unrelated to anything but your mention of how precious Willow Shields is:
    Have you seen the interview/gifset where someone asks Willow if she’s Team Gale or Team Peeta? Her response is that she always saw the story as more about Katniss and her struggle so she’s Team Katniss. NAILED IT. Thank you, pre-teen, for explaining to the media what this story is actually about. SORRY. JUST USING YOUR BLOG COMMENTS TO FLAIL ABOUT RANDOM THG THINGS. DON’T MIND ME.

  3. erica choty

    alright, i’m not a big fan of jennifer lawrence’s looks at these recent red carpets. the blue one would have to be the best.

    and i might be crazy, but…………is it weird of me to realllllllly want one of these catching fire male stars to go to a red carpet event in drag? okay, well maybe not drag, but in heels and a pretty gown. there doesn’t have to be heavy makeup or a grand wig or anything, but i’m just SO BORED looking at men in suits! even blue ones!

    i like to think that when i’m a star, i’ll wear a few suits and then BOOM, oscar de la renta.

    • democracydiva – Author

      If Gale, Peeta, and Finnick had YOUR legs, I’m sure they’d be showing them off in gowns and heels nonstop! But seriously, I feel you re: how boring menswear can be. I try to applaud guys who take even the slightest bit of risk on the red carpet – aka, wearing something that isn’t a black suit – but it’s sad how they feel limited to just a few items of clothing. CULTURE, MOVE FASTER SO THAT MEN CAN WEAR DRESSES. I mean, ladypants are everywhere now, even at formal events – can mangowns be too far behind?

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