MARCH FABNESS 2014: Let the games begin!

The bar exam is done, the hiatus is over – THE BITCH IS BACK! And it’s finally time for every diva’s favorite time of year…

What is March Fabness?

It’s like March Madness, but more fabulous! The Democracy Diva tracks the best celebrity looks of the year, organizes the 64 best-dressed stars into a March Madness-style bracket, and pits them against each other in a vicious battle for the title of Fabbest of Them All. (The match-ups are a numbers game, so don’t yell at me when you can’t pick between your two favorite celebrities.)

Who decides the winner?

YOU, dear readers! I’ll post photos (and commentary, of course) of the celebrities’ most fashionable looks since last March, and you vote in the polls on every round until there’s one fabulous woman left standing. (It’s a lot of work for the Diva, all year long, so put the democracy in Democracy Diva and FUCKING VOTE.)

What are the rules?

Vote for the best dressed, not the celebrity you like the most! Most of them are bitches anyway and don’t deserve your love. (Except Jennifer Lawrence and Lupita Nyong’o.)

Who won last year?

Diane Kruger managed to unseat two-time consecutive winner Emma Watson! Relive last year’s fun here.

Okay, I’m sold. Now tell me the Round 1 match-ups already!

Chanel Bracket
Lupita Nyong’o vs. Felicity Jones
Naomi Watts vs. Olivia Wilde
Miranda Kerr vs. Jessica Paré
Jessica Alba vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Gucci Bracket
Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift
Zhang Ziyi vs. Fan Bingbing
Nicole Kidman vs. Amanda Seyfried
Emmy Rossum vs. Solange Knowles

Dior Bracket
Cate Blanchett vs. Natalie Portman
Dita Von Teese vs. Victoria Beckham
Emma Roberts vs. Dakota Fanning
Lily Collins vs. Olga Kurlyenko

McQueen Bracket
Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Kate Mara
Alexa Chung vs. Emilia Clarke
Elizabeth Banks vs. Jessica Biel
Hailee Steinfeld vs. Coco Rocha

Valentino Bracket
Naomie Harris vs. Cara Delevingne
Marion Cotillard vs. Emma Watson
Karlie Kloss vs. Jena Malone
Jennifer Lawrence vs. Freida Pinto

Givenchy Bracket
Karolina Kurkova vs. Naya Rivera
Amy Adams vs. Maggie Gyllenhaal
Nicole Richie vs. Beyoncé Knowles
Diane Kruger vs. Chloë Moretz

Prada Bracket
Michelle Dockery vs. Dianna Agron
Miley Cyrus vs. Carey Mulligan
Jessica Chastain vs. Helen Mirren
Kiernan Shipka vs. Julianne Moore

Versace Bracket
Ashley Madekwe vs. Nina Dobrev
Kerry Washington vs. Sandra Bullock
Kate Bosworth vs. Olivia Palermo
Zoe Saldana vs. Léa Seydoux

Want to fill out your own bracket in advance so you can prove to yourself that you predicted the winner? Download it here:  March Fabness 2014 Bracket. If you’re feeling sassy, screenshot your filled-out bracket, send it to me on Twitter or Facebook, and we’ll all be able to tear apart each other’s choices on social media before the polls even open, the way God intended it.

Fabulous! When do I start voting?

March 1st! So get your ass back here this weekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

© Democracy Diva, 2014.
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4 responses to MARCH FABNESS 2014: Let the games begin!

  1. Domino

    Ditto. I’ve missed your fabulousness in my life and admit to repeatedly checking here to see if you’d posted anything new. I’m super pumped that your return coincides with March Fabness! Can’t wait!

    • democracydiva – Author

      Thank you! I can’t even describe how excited I am to get back to blogging, especially since March Fabness is my absolute favorite time of year. ❤

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