The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Press Tour – London


JENNIFER LAWRENCE at the London premiere
dress by Christian Dior

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/WireImage

Okay, the white glow around her eyes is excessive and makes it look like her makeup artist forgot his blending brushes, but everything else about this is perfectly J.Law. Classic, old Hollywood glamour with a young, funky vibe – it doesn’t get more Jennifer Lawrence than that.

JENNIFER LAWRENCE at the London after-party
gown by Mugler

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty

Serving up American Hustle fierceness. Fuck yes. Keep ’em coming all press tour long, girl.

ELIZABETH BANKS at the London premiere
gown by Elie Saab


Yes, Jennifer Lawrence is my imaginary best friend, and I am a hardcore Hunger Games fangirl who has read the books too many times to count. But the real reason I love the Hunger Games movie press tours so much? ELIZABETH BANKS. So many of her greatest red carpet achievements were for these movies. That yellow Bill Blass gown, the orange Versace gown, that sparkly fuchsia Marc Jacobs dress – ugh, I’m getting sentimental. Anyway, the point is, my Elizabeth Banks expectations were astronomically high, and as per usual, the lady did not disappoint. Also, this dress deserves to be viewed in gif form from every angle (thank you, People Style Watch, because I can’t stop staring at this):


ELIZABETH BANKS at the London after-party
dress by Monique Lhuillier, purse by Lee Savage, shoes by Paul Andrew

Photo: David M. Benett/WireImage

Love the rose-gold color; hate the foil-y appearance of the fabric. Still, the color is amazing on her. If anyone can sell me on a shiny pink trash bag, it’s Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH BANKS at the London press conference
dress by Andrew Gn

Photo: Rex

Adorable. The best thing about her press tour wardrobe is that it always incorporates just a hint of that Effie Trinket magic. Sometimes it’s sparkles, sometimes it’s insanely bright colors, sometimes it’s girly mixed-prints, but it always feels on-point without being costumey.

JULIANNE MOORE at the London premiere
dress by Balenciaga

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty

I was so excited for Jennifer and Elizabeth that I kind of forgot Julianne Moore is in this next movie. IT’S SO MANY OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE ON ONE RED CARPET, YOU GUYS. My brain is a little bit exploding. And Ms. Moore has never looked better.

Julianne’s dress by Dries van Noten, shoes by Aquazzura
Jennifer’s suit by Public School
Elizabeth’s dress by Alexander McQueen, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Natalie’s dress by Michael van der Ham

Photo: Rex

Julianne: Gorgeous dress in a killer print; astonishingly fugly shoes. Jennifer: Classy but laid-back; killing it with the hair and the epic bitch-face. Elizabeth: The dress is right up her alley, but I’m not sold on the booties. Natalie: It is fucking impossible to find a photo where she isn’t making that ridiculous eating-a-rotten-lemon face. I love her, because anyone in Game of Thrones AND The Hunger Games is automatically beloved by the Democracy Diva, but that face is probably going to bother the shit out of me for the entire press tour.

JENA MALONE at the London premiere
gown by Emilia Wickstead

Photo: PA

That hair and lip color on her porcelain skin? Incredible. The casual, off-the-shoulder sleeves? Delicious. The skirt with pockets? Awesome. I don’t really love this dress on its own, but Jena is selling it. HARD.

NATALIE DORMER at the London premiere
gown by Nicholas Oakwell

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty

1) STOP IT WITH THAT FACE. 2) This is two dresses, not one, and I’m pretty sure both of them are hideous.

LIAM HEMSWORTH at the London premiere
suit by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty

Yum. Not life-changingly fascinating, but yum.

JOSH HUTCHERSON at the London premiere
suit by Ralph Lauren, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty

Cute. He wears that cobalt color incredibly well.

SAM CLAFLIN at the London premiere
jacket and pants by Prada

Photo: Dave J. Hogan/Getty


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2 responses to The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Press Tour – London

  1. MLzx

    It would seem that mirrors are against Sam Clafin’s religion.

    I also can’t stand Natalie Dormer and her duck face on the red carpet.

    EBanks GIF = Heaven.

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