Now THIS is What a Glee Photo Shoot Should Look Like!

Glee on the cover of TV Guide

That’s right. TV Guide put Glee on their cover, and it’s hilarious, sexy, and fun, without showing anybody’s booty or making anyone look like they’re running away from a dinosaur. Fuck Rolling Stone – this is a real photo shoot worthy of Glee. A cute and relevant theme (everyone is talking about the upcoming Madonna-centric episode of Glee) with the fiercest of costumes – Lea Michele as the material girl is perfect. Tina channeling Madonna’s Like a Prayer era outfits (crimped hair and cross earrings? Yes, please!) is super-sassy and loveable. Mercedes looks downright sexy in one of Madonna’s most famous looks, and Jane Lynch is beyond hilarious in her extension ponytail and cone bra.

Take that, Rolling Stone: You’ve been outdone. By TV Guide. Go cry yourself to sleep.

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