The Week in Fashion

Best Surprise

Hilary Duff in Vera Wang

Kudos to HilDuff for coming up with something interesting and daring. I know a lot of people didn’t like this look, and I’m sure it looks odd from a few angles, but I think this dress is courageous and stunning. It’s youthful and modern, and a big step for Hilary, who doesn’t take too many fashion risks. It’s nice to see a star wearing something a little more interesting than Taylor Swift’s gorgeous-but-boring red or sparkly cocktail dresses, but a little less matronly than Hayden Panettiere’s ball gowns.

Biggest Disappointment

Lea Michele in Etro

Everybody gets to make a mistake, I suppose. But I was tremendously disappointed with Lea Michele’s look at this event. The dress is tacky, ill-fitting, and does nothing for her figure. And her hair and make-up age her twenty years. I know they look alike, but I really thought this was a picture of Idina Menzel, not a photo of a young 20-something. Remember you’re short and steer away from floor-length floral prints, and I hope to see you back in your usual fabulousness, Lea.

When Vertical Stripes Go Wrong

Katherine Heigl

In the immortal words of Michael Kors, “Where is this woman going?” Because she looks like a Mormon clown with a bad dye job who got her make-up done by a drag queen.

It’s Time to Move Up a Size

Katy Perry

Honey. I may hate you for being a no-talent gimmick, but you’re not a fat girl. Wear the size that fits you and you won’t look so… swollen. And a word to the wise: Over-accessorizing is not your friend. You can’t wear a studded dress, a studded bracelet, studded shoes, AND studded sunglasses.

And wash your hair and give us a smile. You look like Kristen Stewart, for God’s sake.

Sexiest of the Week

Kate Beckinsale in Derek Lam

Sex on a stick, ladies and gentlemen. I have no opinion on Kate Beckinsale whatsoever except that she looks head-to-toe fabulous here. Relaxed hair, understated make-up, a tight draped dress in a beauitful color, and black accessories. Get it, Kate.

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