Diva’s Choice: Punk Rock Schoolgirl

Marc by Marc Jacobs dress, $548


Oh, how I adore this dress. I probably have used the phrase “gritty-meets-pretty” (which I definitely stole from Project Runway) on this blog dozens of times, and this is a perfect example of what I mean. The Bloomingdale’s website calls it “tough-yet-girly,” but whatever you’d like to call it, it’s simply fabulous.

The plaid print is perfect. Totally schoolgirl, but with interesting colors. And the skirt is a little bit flared and pleated, so the silhouette feels even more girly. But the black trim and the exposed zippers pump up the volume on this otherwise innocent dress. There’s something incredibly sexy about any dress with one long zipper down the middle. And the asymmetrical zippered pockets look totally funky, like a badass girl who reconstructed her uniform. And that’s how they styled her, with that studded cuff and the leather boots. Best part? The straps are both adjustable and removable. God bless Marc Jacobs.

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