The Week in Celebrity Fashion: Merry Christmas Edition!

A very merry Christmas to those readers who celebrate it, and a happy new year to all! Let’s celebrate the only way we know how: with a bit of fabulous and a whole lot of bitchery.

Heather Morris at a Flirt Cosmetics event in New York

It’s Brittany, bitch! Heather Morris is looking mighty fabulous in her simple but chic dress, paired with a fierce bracelet and classically beautiful hair and makeup. And I’m told this Glee star is rocking a pair nude fishnets, which are basically my favorite accessory in the universe. Very classic, old-Hollywood glamour.

Florence Welch at the AllSaints holiday party in New York

Here is the incomparable Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine, rocking a leather jacket, many scarves, fabulous camel-brown tights and delectable shoes. And let’s get real – with hair like that, who needs pants?

First Lady Michelle Obama in vintage Norman Norell at the Christmas in Washington concert

The First Lady looks festive but formal in her fabulously girly gown – but more importantly, how fierce does the First Grandma look?! She must be related to this Diva just because she’s rocking heels and a short lacy dress at age 73. (Or perhaps that just means she’s related to Cher.)

President Obama with First Lady Michelle Obama in Marc Jacobs

MObama is sex on a stick in this hot little Marc Jacobs number, and the blingtastic earrings are to die for. The Obamas are posing with an a cappella choir, which is too cute for words. Even cuter is that lucky little queer in the corner whose face clearly says, “Oh my GAWD, I’m totally brushing the First Lady’s boob with my shoulder!”

Kate Middleton in Temperley London at the Christmas Spectacular in London

Delicious. Throw a crown on this bitch already, because she’s clearly ready for the throne.

Emily Blunt in a Roksanda Ilincic dress and Jimmy Choo shoes

I love these colors – they remind me so much of Leanne Marshall’s Project Runway finale collection, very soothing and oceanic. I can’t say I love the dress itself, which has a few too many design elements and some really wackadoodle draping. But I think that thin black lace strap is totally sexy.

Mary-Kate Olsen in Culver City, California


Christina Aguilera at the Berlin premiere of Burlesque

Dreadful color (at least with her skin tone, that lipstick, and the Burlesque logo behind her), a truly atrocious fit (seriously, what is up with that bustline?), and the hair and makeup are as trannylicious as ever. Christina is nothing if not consistent.

Cher and Christina Aguilera at a Burlesque photo call in Berlin

I’m actually fully obsessed with this picture, in which two divas pretend that they do not in fact loathe each other. But Cher looks fierce in her leggings and jacket (much more age-appropriate than some of her other recent get-ups, but also a lot more boring). and from the neck down, Christina looks okay. I’m down with the exposed bra because it looks sort of accidental, and it’s Burlesque, for God’s sake. When you’re co-starring with Cher in a movie called Burlesque, exposed undergarments are basically mandatory.

Lady Gaga leaving the Chez André restaurant in Paris

From the waist up, this is the most beautiful jacket I’ve ever seen. I wish the bottom half didn’t look like an old lady’s nightgown, but the top is so exquisite that I almost don’t care. That pearly, greyish pink is just perfect, and it looks particularly lovely with Gaga’s coloring. I’m over the John Lennon glasses, though. I’m ready for a new eyewear trend.

Check back this week for The Best Dressed of the Year!

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One response to The Week in Celebrity Fashion: Merry Christmas Edition!

  1. houseofanita

    Some really good outfits, but my favourite is definitely Heather Morris, she looks so good! Merry Christmas xx

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