Glee for Marie Claire

Let’s check in with Lea Michele’s breasts, for a change.

Our ladies look ravishing in blue, but it’s coming off quite bridesmaids-y to me.

LEA MICHELE in Marchesa

Standard Lea – make sure the makeup artist emphasizes the eyebrows and cheekbones, threaten the cameraman with bodily harm if he photographs your nose in profile, and smolder into the camera with all the drama you can muster.

LEA MICHELE in Burberry Prorsum

This is a little too deer-in-headlights for me. Love the hair, though.

AMBER RILEY in Donna Morgan

This reads like a Covergirl ad, which is a testament to Mercedes’ glowing smile.

AMBER RILEY in Dalia MacPhee


DIANNA AGRON in Valentino

My god, this woman really is beautiful.

DIANNA AGRON in Maison Martin Mangiela

I thought she was naked for a second, and I couldn’t wait to blog furiously about another Glee cast member’s boobs. But she’s just wearing a lovely pink-nude blouse. And that bedhead hair is delicious.

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One response to Glee for Marie Claire

  1. Some Slut

    I actually really like dianna’s hair……it’s like what Ke$ha meant to do this whole time…….so gorg

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