Red Carpet Watch: Stars at the New Year’s Eve Premiere

Lea Michele, her New Year’s Eve costars, and her Glee cronies hit the red carpet for the diva’s first turn as a film actress.

LEA MICHELE // gown by Valentino

Photo: Ann Porter/Broadimage

First, I feel the need to point out that Lea was the only one of the eight thousand celebrities starring in this film to wear a gown to the event. What a divalicious move. Anyway, of course she looks beautiful, but she’s not exactly stretching any fashion muscles here. It’s a look that’s been done to death by Lea and many others – a nude shimmery plunging V-neck ball gown. Honestly, I always think she looks a tad ridiculous in these gowns, because she’s so tiny and they’re always so long and low-hanging. But she clearly thinks she looks fantastic, and the hair and makeup are pretty flawless.

HILARY SWANK // dress by Elie Saab, shoes by Christian Louboutin


Not perfect, but it’s an interesting dress. Not sure the accessories or the styling really work with it, but we need to take a closer look at the shoes:

Photo: Getty

Again, I’m not sold on them with that dress, but holy HELL, is this a shoe.

MICHELLE PFEIFFER // dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: John Shearer/Getty

I am so not about the different purple accessories, but each piece of this look is individually amazing. Whatever her secret is, shit is working. She looks phenomenal.

KATHERINE HEIGL // dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Boring dress, ugly shoes, worse hair. Her hair style looks like if Hilary Clinton and Kate Gosselin had a baby who grew up to host a TV game show.



It seems very, very apparent that Sofia did not use a stylist for this particular event.

ABIGAIL BRESLIN // dress by Marchesa

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

She’s young enough to get away with the prom hair and prom shoes, but that Black Swan throwback of a dress is not working.  That dingy, wrinkly tulle is just depressing.

FERGIE // dress by Monique Lhuillier


Hair is awful, dress is ordinary, shoes and purse are forgettable, and those breast implants have GOT to go.



He looks every bit the dirtbag he is, doesn’t he?


Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Good GOD, this boy knows how to wear a fucking suit. Delicious.


Photo: John Shearer/Getty

Not his best work, but acceptable. I’m not so big on the shiny black-on-black or that white pocket square.


Photo: John Shearer/Getty

You’re too gay to look this disheveled, honey.


Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Men, take notice: this is how to wear something interesting and eye-catching without looking flamboyant or just plain wacky. It’s a lot of look, but it’s so incredibly chic and tailored.


Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Did you do somersaults in that suit before this event, Cory? How the hell do you manage to always look so wrinkled? It’s astounding.


Photo: John Shearer/Getty

There are ways to wear jeans to a premiere and still look dressed up (see Harry Shum Jr., above). And even though he clearly paired his jeans with an expensive blazer, the faded denim and frayed edges make this look way too casual. There are women in gowns here (wait, actually, WOMAN in GOWN, singular, because it’s just Lea) – the least you could do is look like you put in any effort whatsoever.

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