Red Carpet Watch: The Star-Studded Trevor Project Event

From Gaga to Glee to Modern Family, all our favorite stars got dressed up for a damn good cause – The Trevor Project.


Photo: Andrew Slouf
Photo: David Tonnessen/

The Trevor Project honored Lady Gaga with their Trevor Hero Award – and what better reason is there to wear a headdress made of diamonds? It should also be noted that she skipped the red carpet, which I sort of took to mean “I’m honored to be here, but I don’t want to make this all about me, and I can’t step onto a red carpet without making it all about me.” In a good way, though, if that makes sense. Anyway, there’s nothing I love about this look except its pure glitz and glitter. And the gloves. You all know I’m a sucker for gloves.


Photo: Reuters

It looks like a halfway decent Project Runway entry, but it’s still the nicest thing Miley has worn in years. I actually like the cocktail ring and the bangles, and the fact that she looks surprisingly appropriate. Although since the story of her Bob Marley birthday cake came out, I can’t look at those eyes without noticing how red and glazed they look…

KAT DENNINGS // dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Bauer Griffin

I wouldn’t blame you if you’ve never seen Two Broke Girls – it’s a bad show with a couple of great people on it that I’m trying really hard to like, because I love Kat Dennings. She’s got a no-nonsense, bullshit-free attitude that I enjoy, not to mention the best tits in Hollywood. The Dolce & Gabbana star dresses are kind of over by now, but she’s not at too many red carpet events just yet, so perhaps designers aren’t throwing free dresses at her. Regardless, this dress is made for her. Her body looks amazing. And those simple black patent leather round-toe pumps – with studded stilettos? Fantastic. Love the lipstick, too.


Photo: Bauer Griffin

I like the shoulder embellishments of the dress, but it’s kind of shapeless and square. Doesn’t work well with her tiny little figure – it’s too boxy.

JULIE BOWEN // dress by Gomez-Gracia Diabla

Photo: Bauer Griffin

I’m not really a fan of leather dresses, and there’s not anything interesting in the way of styling here.

AMBER HEARD // gown by Alessandra Rich

Photo: Bauer Griffin

It’s too long, and I’m not sold on those massive pockets over her hips, and good LORD could she wear a color for once? But it’s a nice gown otherwise, even though her hair is a disaster and her makeup looks like it was applied last night before she took several shots of tequila. Let’s look at the back:

Photo: Fame

Why? Why did you need to bring your grandmother’s tablecloth into this? That draping in the back is just awful.

JULIANNE HOUGH // dress by Collette Dinnigan, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo: Axelle/Bauer Griffin

Scrape off half the makeup, relax your hair a bit, and switch out those bridesmaid shoes, and you might have something here.

ZOE SALDANA // dress by Rena Lange, purse by Lanvin, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Fame

I think that print is hideous. I’ll just say it. It’s hard for her to look bad in anything, but that dress makes my eyes hurt.

RASHIDA JONES // dress by Elie Saab, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Photo: Bauer Griffin

Rashida, please stop wearing dresses that cut you across the top of your waist. They are horribly unflattering on you, and you could look so much better. Your shoes are kind of awesome, and your hair and makeup look better than ever.


Photo: PA

Is she aware that she doesn’t always have to dress like a 1960s secretary?


Photo: Bauer Griffin

Great dress on her, but bad styling.


Photo: Bauer Griffin

I don’t like the puffy sleeves or the gold belt, which are way too disco, but that orange collor is phenomenal on her. The shoes, however, are a disaster. It’s time to fire that stylist, Amber, even if it’s you.

LEANN RIMES // dress by Nini, shoes by Alexander McQueen

Photo: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

Oh my god. Where do I begin? That’s not a dress, it’s a Gumby costume that melted. Or possibly she’s some sort of fashion victim turned superhero, ready to kick off her hideous, nonsensical shoes and half her cocktail rings and fly off into the night.

DIANNA AGRON // dress by Chloe, purse by Roger Vivier

Photo: Steve Granitz/Wireimage

Nothing frustrates me more than a beautiful woman who cannot fucking figure out how to look beautiful. The cut of this dress makes her look like she’s all shoulders and no boobs. The purse and shoes are as ordinary as can be, the makeup doesn’t work, and the hair is awful.

FERGIE // dress by Amen, shoes by Gio Diev

Photo: Lester Cohen/Wireimage

I’ve given up on Fergie. What am I even supposed to do with this? Her dress gives her an armpit merkin.


Photo: Splash

Love Jane’s suit, but not the shoes. Her wife’s outfit is pretty darn cute, but a darker toenail polish would have made all the difference.


Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

David’s jacket: fantastic. Neil actually looks a little more disheveled than usual. He was clearly on baby duty last night.


Photo: Splash

Precious, but Jesse, you could go up a size in the jacket. But I love your bow tie.

DARREN CRISS // suit by Versace


WORK IT, GIRL! There’s a short window where you can wear a maroon Versace tux, so do it while you can, darling. Too cute for words.


Photo: Bauer Griffin

I have to say, he might be the best dressed of the Glee cast (that includes men and women). I don’t love such a skinny tie, but I get that it’s a look, and I think those pants could do to lose a few inches, but it’s a sharp suit.


Photo: Bauer Griffin

I’m not sure what this says about me, but the fact that he is promoting this buttoned-up shirt thing bothers me way more than the fact that he is wearing a skirt over pants.

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7 responses to Red Carpet Watch: The Star-Studded Trevor Project Event

  1. Molly

    I wasnt going to comment until I got to Kevin McHale…what the fuck?
    I think he was going for a kilt look, but he looks gay…or like he lost a bet with one of his co stars.

      • Ben

        I am going to start showing up to red carpet events pretending to be an interviewer (shhh don’t tell anyone) and as I’m interviewing celebs I will covertly unbutton their top button because IT LOOKS RIDICULOUS!

  2. Haley

    Christina Hendricks is DEFINITELY aware that she doesn’t always have to dress like a 1960s secretary – that’s the reason for most of her horrible fashion choices. She looked so beautiful in that maroon outfit (I wish you had listed the designer) that it made me jealous I didn’t have something like it! 1960s sillouettes on curvy babes FTW!!

  3. Note to Kevin McHale:If you’re gonna rock the kilt, lose the pants. And if you’re gonna wear the pants, lose the kilt. It makes all the difference in the world.
    Love Harry Shum, Jr. He looks great.
    And Fergie just looks like an alien. As always.

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