March Fabness 2012: And the winner is…

64 celebrities have fought for the title of Fabbest of them All. But only one can win.

The polls remained tied until the wee hours of the morning, when Team Watson tipped the scales in Hermione’s favor, giving her 51% of the vote. Emma Stone put up a noble fight, but 2011’s March Fabness Champion simply could not be defeated again in 2012.

With two consecutive Championship titles under her Burberry belt, EMMA WATSON remains the undefeated Fabbest of them All. And dear readers, thank you so much for your enthusiastic participation in March Fabness!

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7 responses to March Fabness 2012: And the winner is…

    • democracydiva – Author

      I’m glad she won again, because without any more Potter premieres, she might not have as many occasions to wear ridiculously fierce dresses next year. A victory lap worthy of Hermione Granger!

  1. Demi

    Wow. Girl got style. Are you going to do a fashion recap any time soon? Not to rush or anything…

  2. myiou

    51%? Right on, Watson deserves it! And I love the photo you chose, Ms. Diva. This photo is as iconic to me as the Duchess Katherine stepping out of her limo in McQueen. Absolutely breathtaking.

    • democracydiva – Author

      I SO agree on the iconic-ness of both the Duchess in McQueen photo and the Emma waving to the crowd in Oscar de la Renta photo! ❤

  3. Molly

    Well, Im just gonna come out and say it: Called it! Miss Watson is a worthy winner and Stoner Girl is a worthy runner up!

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