Emma Stone for Vogue

Don’t pretend you’re sick of seeing Emma Stone’s face everywhere, dear readers! This time, the Spider-Man starlet posed for the cover of Vogue.

EMMA STONE for Vogue July 2012
photographed by Mario Testino

sweater and dress by Nina Ricci

I’ll give her this – she sure can draw in an audience with those incredible eyes. That soft pink blush with the nude-pink lip and the gorgeous eyeliner is mega-flattering, and the hair is pretty fierce. The Nina Ricci dress and sweater are lovely, but let’s be honest, she’s wearing a nightie and a bathrobe. That’s not quite up to par for the cover of Vogue, but it’s a good shot nonetheless.

dress by Jil Sander

I don’t know if it’s photoshop or a weird angle, but her left arm looks kind of terrifying. But if you can ignore that, god damn is this a fantastic picture. She looks breathtaking, the dress is stunning, and her porcelain skin is so freaking delicate-looking, she’s practically a porcelain doll.

jacket, blouse, and pants by Dries Van Noten, hat by Stephen Jones

I laughed out loud when I saw this picture. I’m sorry, but how the fuck did this make it into the final cut? Emma’s stylish, but not the kind of stylish that makes her look cool in a clown costume (that’s reserved for the Florence Welches and Tilda Swintons of the world). The clothes look horrific enough on her, but it’s that vacant, nauseous expression on her face that really makes this picture terrible. And the mental patient hair certainly isn’t helping.

dress by Versus, shoes by Jil Sander

And although some of the crazy hair from the previous picture remains, thankfully all the other awful styling choices are nowhere to be found. This dress is stunning, and looks tailor-made for her, and the strappy shoes are beyond delectable. I love the strap, the asymmetrical bodice, the mixed-prints – it’s all perfection.

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4 responses to Emma Stone for Vogue

  1. Zoë

    There’s such a beautiful diaphanous quality to the skirt in the final shot, she’s so gorgeous. Great post! 🙂

  2. Livi

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but she seems to have the exact same hairstyle in every pic. Wonder why? They’ve certainly got the means to brush her hair, right? I’m all for bedheads, but it seems a little lazy. Emma’s sure gorgeous though! That last pic, wow!

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