Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery for Harper’s Bazaar

Lady Mary gets her couture on for Harper’s Bazaar.

MICHELLE DOCKERY for Harper’s Bazaar
photographed by Benjamin A. Huseby // styled by Karen Langley

gown, belt, and shoes by Tom Ford

She looks a little stiff (as Lady Mary always does, I suppose), but that doesn’t mean she isn’t tailor-made for these delectable long-sleeved floor-length gowns. It’s hard for her natural beauty to break through the cluttered photograph; she looks much better in the simpler shots.

gown by J. Mendel
Perfection. She’s more statuesque than the statue – and she looks more porcelain and delicate, too. Such a breathtaking shot.

dress by Ralph Lauren

Dramatic pensive close-up. A cliche, but a requirement nonetheless.

jacket by Alberta Ferretti

Completely, deliciously fierce. I’m so used to seeing her in costume or looks inspired by that period, so it’s almost jarring to see her in leather. But she works the shit out of it.

top, skirt, and belt by Etro

Is there anything better than Lady Mary’s bored face? Nothing in the word, particularly when she’s casually leaning on some nude Greek man. First a dead Turk in your bed, and now this? Whatever will Lord Grantham say?

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