Jennifer Lawrence: Mockingjay Couture for W Magazine

It Girl Jennifer Lawrence, star of The Hunger Games, hits the cover of W in some hauntingly beautiful Mockingjay couture.

photographed by Tim Walker; styled by Jacob K

Devoted Hunger Games fangirls like myself will be convinced Cinna himself styled this editorial; that’s how perfectly “Mockingjay couture” it is, down to each and every last black and white feather. But you don’t have to be a Katniss enthusiast to love this crazy, bird-inspired photo shoot. Let’s dig in.

dress by Calvin Klein, gloves by Urstadt Swan

A haunting cover shot. I didn’t expect Jennifer to be this transformative, but she’s unrecognizable and utterly recognizable at the same time. The gloves are perfection, as is the feathered cap, and the makeup is breathtaking to boot.

top and skirt by Alberta Ferretti, gloves by Cornelia James

Can I just say, kudos to the bird casting agent for this photo shoot? These creatures are fucking fabulous, stuffed or alive. And I never knew it until today, but I need a pair of sheer rouched evening gloves desperately. And there’s possibly no one other than Jennifer I could possibly take seriously when she’s in a ball gown and hugging a giant bird. But, come on – the Girl on Fire can pull off just about anything.

gown by Prabal Gurung

Everything about this shot is flawless: Jennifer (exhibiting some fabulous posing, with her long limbs and her longer, couture-curved back), the gown, those incredible feathers behind her, the bird looking down at her as if to say, “Bitch, I’m fabulous, and these feathers are real.

dress by Alexander McQueen, gloves by LaCrasia, tights by Fogal

I’m becoming concerned that the lack of close-ups are because she doesn’t have more than one facial expression, but I still can’t stop looking at this photo. The McQueen dress is obviously to die for, but the leather gloves and stockings and that ridiculous suffocating crinoline are just delicious accessories. But the best accessory of all is that fucking bird. For all her fabness, Jennifer can only hope to be as glam as a flamingo.

top and skirt by Alberta Ferretti, gloves by Cornelia James

Beautiful, but a little more ordinary than the rest of the shoot. Still loving all the feathered head pieces and gloves, though. I don’t think I can get tired of them.

dress by Vivienne Westwood, gloves by Cornelia James

She gets a little lost in this much dress – even the bird can’t compete with it, for God’s sake. And I’m not understanding where the dress ends and the wall begins (is that shadow? is the back of the dress black?). But I’m still sold on the gloves, and overall, it was a fabulous trip down Mockingjay Lane.

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