Amanda Seyfried for Vanity Fair

Amanda Seyfried gives us couture Cosette courtesy of Vanity Fair.

Vanity Fair December 2012
photographed by Simon Emmet, styled by Hannah Teare
dress and bracelet by Chanel

It’s a tad on the predictable side – take one ethereal blonde; add an angelic dress, a brick wall, and flowers – but when your hair shines like the tail of a unicorn, I guess you’re allowed to be predictable.

gown by Elie Saab, bra and panties by Worth Couture

The gown she’s – well, not wearing, but holding up against her, is gorgeous. But the real star of this shot is her ass. I knew Amanda Seyfried had a killer rack (your breasts have to be big in order to sense when it’s raining), but I was unaware that she also has the perfect bum. She doesn’t give us much range in terms of facial expression – in fact, I don’t think her face changes much throughout the entire shoot, which is a huge pet peeve of mine. But the scenes are interesting and the clothes are lovely and I’m super fucking excited about Les Mis, so I might let that slide.

gown by Armani Privé, earrings by Graff, bracelet by Harry Winston

Never put a dog this amazing in a fashion editorial, because who the hell would look at the clothes when there’s THE CUTEST GIANTEST DOG EVER in the photo? I am shameless about my worship of high fashion, but I’ll take that pup over that gown any day of the week. (Someone else needs to walk it, though, because I’m five feet tall; that dog would be walking me. I’ll take volunteers in the comments!)

blouse by Armani Privé, earrings by Adler

Her expression might not change much, but at least it’s always beautiful and emotional. And the earrings are to die for.

gown by Valentino

Amanda’s Les Mis co-star Anne Hathaway wore this couture gown last month on the red carpet, and I loved it then, but it’s definitely better-suited for runway and fashion editorials than real life. By far, this was my favorite photo of the shoot – romantic and ethereal but strong and powerful. And the lighting is truly fantastic – you can see her legs behind the sheer fabric, silhouetted against the light streaming in from the windows, and I just love it.

blouse and skirt by Givenchy, bracelet by Harry Winston

Eh. I didn’t feel this photo brought anything new or interesting to the shoot. I’m not a big fan of the clothes, and the rest of the photo is equally weak.

blouse, pants, bracelet, and shoes by Chanel

You work that chaise lounge, Cosette! I’d probably hate those giant pants in real life, but they’re all kinds of fun for this shoot, particularly with the ridiculous furry-sleeved blouse.

gown by Nicholas Oakwell, earrings by Boucheron

Beautiful gown, and I can feel her eyes peering into my freaking soul.

gown, belt, earrings, and ring by Christian Dior

Every gown she models is about a foot too long on her, but otherwise, this makes for a lovely shot. Not the most riveting photo shoot on the planet, but you can’t go too wrong with beautiful gowns on a beautiful girl.

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