March Fabness 2013 Begins!

The ultimate battle for Fabbest of Them All is back, bitches.

What is March Fabness?

It’s like March Madness, but gay! The Democracy Diva has spent months tracking the best celebrity looks of the year. They’re organized into a March Madness-style bracket, and pitted against each other in a vicious battle for the title of Fabbest of Them All.

Who decides the winner?

YOU, dear readers! I’ll post photos (and commentary, of course) of the celebrities’ best and most memorable fashion moments since last March, and YOU vote in the polls on every round until there’s one fabulous woman (or man! a few made the cut this year!) left standing.

What are the rules?

Vote for the best dressed, not the celebrity you like the most! All of them are bitches anyway. (Except Jennifer Lawrence. She’s legit.)

Who won last year?

Emma Watson, for the second consecutive year! Relive last year’s fun here.

Okay, I’m sold. Now what do these brackets look like?

Chanel Bracket
Diane Kruger vs. Leslie Mann
Ginnifer Goodwin vs. Miranda Kerr
Keira Knightley vs. Jessica Alba
Nina Dobrev vs. Lady Gaga

Gucci Bracket
Kristen Stewart vs. January Jones
Zoe Saldana vs. Alexa Chung
Emily Blunt vs. Jessica Paré
Marion Cotillard vs. Kiernan Shipka

Dior Bracket
Elizabeth Banks vs. Cobie Smulders
Karolina Kurkova vs. Julianne Moore
Andrew Garfield vs. Chloë Moretz
Beyonce Knowles vs. Dakota Fanning

McQueen Bracket
Fan Bingbing vs. Katharine McPhee
Lily Collins vs. Isabelle Fuhrman
Amy Adams vs. Freida Pinto
Hailee Steinfeld vs. Jada Pinkett-Smith

Valentino Bracket
Duchess Kate vs. Marisa Tomei
Lucy Liu vs. Dita von Teese
Kate Mara vs. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Jennifer Lawrence vs. Kate Bosworth

Givenchy Bracket
Emma Stone vs. Rooney Mara
Jessica Chastain vs. Amanda Seyfried
Selena Gomez vs. Helen Mirren
Naomi Watts vs. Kelly Rowland

Prada Bracket
Anne Hathaway vs. Michelle Williams
Rose Byrne vs. Elle Fanning
Taylor Swift vs. Allison Williams
Cate Blanchett vs. Emmy Rossum

Versace Bracket
Kerry Washington vs. Emma Watson
Nicole Kidman vs. Michelle Dockery
Camilla Belle vs. Christina Hendricks
Eddie Redmayne vs. Kirsten Dunst

Fabulous! When do I start voting?

Tomorrow – March 1st!

© Democracy Diva, 2013.
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10 responses to March Fabness 2013 Begins!

  1. Swae


    Wow, there are some incredibly difficult choices ahead. I have no idea how I’m going to decide! I might curl up into a ball and just expire.

    Either way, I’m excited. I look forward to this event every year and so just a quick preemptive thanks for putting all this together again. And for being continuously entertaining. And fabulous, of course. ❤

    • democracydiva – Author

      The match-ups this year are tougher than ever! Thanks for all your lovely comments – March Fabness is a shit-ton of work but it’s always worth it to hear who you guys think are the best dressed celebs. ❤

  2. Brian

    The Valentino bracket is a heart break. Duchess Kate, Lucy Liu, Dita von Teese, Jennifer Lawrence?!
    Also I like the addition of men to the mix, but disappointed to not see Ewan McGregor. He’s of less hollywood-star-power & has less exposure, but I follow his red carpet style & he would have been a strong contender here.

    • democracydiva – Author

      Ewan is definitely fabulous. I didn’t think about adding men until recently – if I had started tracking men’s fabness earlier (like before Cannes, when he was everywhere), he probably would have ended up in the bracket.

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