March Fabness 2016, Round 1: McQueen Bracket

Good morning, sleepy divas!  



Kristen in Thakoon; Marion in Dior

Kristen: *unintelligible grumbles*

Marion: HAPPY SUNDAY, KRISTEN! How are you on this beautiful day?


Kristen in Mugler; Marion in Dior

Kristen: Please speak at a volume more appropriate for an extremely hungover Sunday morning.

Marion: But it’s the first day of spring! How can you not want to just shout about it?!


Kristen in Atea Oceanie; Marion in Dior

Kristen: Because I’m trying very hard not to hurl all over my white pantsuit.

Marion: Oh, cheer up, sunshine. There’s no need for your constant pouting.


Kristen in Zuhair Murad; Marion in Jean Paul Gaultier

Kristen: The best I can give you is a sort of half-smirk. I swear, I’ll puke if I have to stretch these lips into a real smile.

Marion: Fine, I’ll take it. But only if you stop talking about puke.


Kristen in Chanel; Marion in Dior

Kristen: But the more I talk about it, the queasier you look, and that’s just a lot of fun for me.

Marion: Has anyone ever told you that you’re the worst?



Kiernan in Coach; Natalie in Roland Mouret

Kiernan: Are you mad at me or something?

Natalie: What? No! You’re an adorable little thing, why would I be mad at you?


Kiernan in Valentino; Natalie in Issa

Kiernan: Um… because you won’t stop smirking at me?

Natalie: I am not smirking or pouting or Blue Steel-ing or Kristen Stewart-ing or anything else.


Kiernan in Miu Miu; Natalie in Roland Mouret

Kiernan: IDK. Your face begs to differ.

Natalie: For the ten thousandth time: I have a lopsided smile. THIS IS JUST HOW MY FACE IS.


Kiernan in McQueen; Natalie in Vivienne Westwood

Kiernan: Gosh, it was just a question! There’s no need to yell.

Natalie: If you got twenty questions a day about why you’re always serving duckface or resting bitch face or some other kind of negative face, you’d be yelling too.


Kiernan in Erdem; Natalie in J. Mendel

Kiernan: Fair enough. So, is Jon Snow really dead or what?

Natalie: Nice try, but answering that question is worth more than my life.



Julianne in Valentino; Dita in Ulyana Sergeenko

Julianne: Are we done yet?

Dita: What?


Julianne in Chanel; Dita in Ulyana Sergeenko

Julianne: The competition. Is it over?

Dita: We’re still in the first goddamn round, Julianne.


Julianne in Givenchy; Dita in Ulyana Sergeenko

Julianne: Did I win yet?

Dita: Just how delusional are you? WE LITERALLY JUST STARTED.


Julianne in Tom Ford; Dita in Elisabetti Franchi

Julianne: I’m sorry, Dita. I’m a busy woman, I just need to grab my trophy and leave.

Dita: What makes you so sure you’re taking home a trophy?


Julianne in Armani Privé; Dita in Zac Posen

Julianne: Nothing! It’s just that my Oscar, my two Golden Globes, my BAFTA, my two SAG Awards, my Primetime Emmy, my Daytime Emmy, and my three Best Actress awards from film festivals in Cannes, Berlin, and Venice are getting a little bit lonely, that’s all.

Dita: Ugh. Actors are exhausting.



Jennifer in Antonio Berardi; Rihanna in Dior

Jennifer: Okay, Riri. Are you ready for a Dior face-off?

Rihanna: Hm? Yeah, sure. Whatever.


Jennifer in Galvan; Rihanna in Dries Van Noten

Jennifer: Be more enthused! You’re a face of Dior, I’m a face of Dior – it’s exciting!

Rihanna: … Is it, though?


Jennifer in Alexander Wang; Rihanna in Dior

Jennifer: Fine. It’s exciting to ME. You can feel however you want about it.

Rihanna: Good, because I really, truly could not care less.


Jennifer in Dior; Rihanna in Dior

Jennifer: It must be exhausting to be a pop star. You guys have to pretend you’re above it all. At least I get to be enthusiastic about stuff from time to time.

Rihanna: From time to time? You are basically a 24-hour enthusiasm machine. I can’t even imagine having to try to be that “real” and “relatable” all the time.


Jennifer in Schiaparelli; Rihanna in Guo Pei

Jennifer: Well, that’s the thing – I don’t try to be relatable. I just kind of am.

Rihanna: Oh, that’s very funny, Jennifer. Good one. I’ll be sure to write that one down.

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