March Fabness 2018, Round 2: Prada & Versace Brackets

The end of Round 2 is upon us, dearest divas.


Ribbet collage

Zendaya in Seen Users vs. Sara in Balmain

Zendaya: Ugh. Mondays.

Sara: I know, right?

Ribbet collage

Zendaya in Giuseppe di Morabito vs. Sara in Giorgio Armani

Zendaya: The worst.

Sara: The absolute worst.

Ribbet collage

Zendaya in Altuzarra vs. Sara in Balmain

Zendaya: Because they’re… um…

Sara: … the day after Sunday?

Ribbet collage

Zendaya in Vivetta vs. Sara in Dundas

Zendaya: Yes! And that’s bad because, uh…

Sara: People… have to go back to work?

Ribbet collage

Zendaya in Elie Saab vs. Sara

Zendaya: Oh! Is that why everybody hates Mondays?

Sara: Do you seriously not already know that?

Ribbet collage

Zendaya in Viktor & Rolf vs. Sara in J. Mendel

Zendaya: Do I look like I’ve ever worked a nineI’ve been on the Disney channel since I hit puberty!


Ribbet collage

Sonam in Vera Wang vs. Jennifer in Giambattista Valli

Sonam: Jennifer, darling! Congratulations!

Jennifer: Thank you, sweetheart.

Ribbet collage

Sonam in Ralph & Russo vs. Jennifer in Sally LaPointe

Sonam: You must be so proud.

Jennifer: I am, I really am.

Ribbet collage

Sonam in Ashi Studio vs. Jennifer in Dior

Sonam: It’s an impressive feat, really.

Jennifer: Um, I guess?

Ribbet collage.jpg

Sonam in Fouad Sarkis vs. Jennifer in Versace

Sonam: If you’re upright, you’re alright, am I right?

Jennifer: I’m starting to think this is not about my new movie.

Ribbet collage

Sonam in Ralph & Russo vs. Jennifer in McQueen

Sonam: What new movie?

Jennifer: Red Sparrow? Wait, what were YOU talking about!

Ribbet collage

Sonam in Elie Saab vs. Jennifer in Dior

Sonam: Oh, I was just impressed that you’d managed to stand up this long without falling down. Is Red Sparrow the one where you do that terrible Russian accent?

Jennifer: I hate you.


Ribbet collage

Natalia vs. Claire in Gucci

Natalia: Oh my god. It’s the Queen.

Claire: Oh my god, it’s Nancy Wheeler.

Ribbet collage

Natalia in Kate Spade vs. Claire in Gucci

Natalia: Do you love working with Matt Smith?

Claire: No. Is Winona Ryder as amazing in real life as she seems?

Ribbet collage

Natalia in Carolina Herrera vs. Claire in Ulyana Sergeenko

Natalia: Yes. Do you think Kate Middleton watches your show?

Claire: Definitely not. Do you think Steven Spielberg watches yours?

Ribbet collage.jpg

Natalia in Preen vs. Claire in Fendi

Natalia: No way in hell. Do you get to keep the costumes?

Claire: I wish. Do you get to keep Steve’s wig?

Ribbet collage

Natalia in Giambattista Valli vs. Claire in Dior

Natalia: Yes, but it smells weird.

Claire: I get it. So does mine.

Ribbet collage

Natalia in Prada vs. Claire in Fendi

Natalia: That was too much information.

Claire: Deal with it.


Ribbet collage

Emmy in Michael Kors vs. Lily in Self-Portrait

Emmy: *waves left hand*

Lily: *waves left hand*

Ribbet collage

Emmy in David Koma vs. Lily in Dolce & Gabbana

Emmy: *waves right hand*

Lily: *waves right hand*

Ribbet collage

Emmy in Lela Rose vs. Lily in Zeynep ArcayAltuzarra

Emmy: *nods vigorously*

Lily: *nods vigorously*

Ribbet collage

Emmy in David Koma vs. Lily in Johanna Ortiz

Emmy: Stop copying me!

Lily: Stop copying ME!

Ribbet collage

Emmy in Self-Portrait vs. Lily in Ralph & Russo

Emmy: I’m trying to figure out if we’re the same person or not!

Lily: Yeah, I’m honestly not sure.

Ribbet collage

Emmy in Oscar de la Renta vs. Lily in Ralph & Russo

Emmy: I think we might be that Spiderman meme, where it’s just Spiderman pointing at another Spiderman?

Lily: Yeah, that’s definitely us.

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