The 2010 Best Dressed List

Honorable Mention: Carey Mulligan, Florence Welch, & Ashley Olsen

Who: Carey Mulligan

What: Vionnet Pre-Fall 2010

Where & When: BAFTA Awards in London, February

Why: England’s favorite pixie proved her status as a style maven this year. Elegant and original, this gown was a serious step forward for this A-lister in the making.

Who: Florence Welch

What: Givenchy Fall 2010 couture

Where & When: MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, September

Why: The front-woman of Florence + the Machine showed she’s more than just a rock goddess – she’s a couture queen. You can’t help but admire the drama of this gold gown and accessories paired with Flo’s shockingly red hair and lips.

Who: Ashley Olsen

What: Erdem Fall 2009

Where & When: In Style/Warner Brothers Golden Globe Awards after-party in Los Angeles, January

Why: The bubble hem, the elbow-length sleeves, the cascading flowers, and that stunning blue color made Ashley a knock-out at the biggest of the Golden Globes after-parties.

Who: Ashley Olsen

What: Alexander McQueen Fall 2006

Where: Art of Elysium charity ball in Los Angeles, January

Why: Just weeks before McQueen’s untimely death, Ashley Olsen reminded us of why we love the luxurious and dramatic looks of the famed designer.

The Label Loyalists: Alexa Chung, Diane Kruger, and Marion Cotillard

Who: Alexa Chung

What: Chanel Spring 2010

Where & When: Elle Style Awards in London, February

Why: Alexa showed off her hipster-chic style with her devotion to all things Chanel.

Who: Alexa Chung

What: Chanel Resort 2011

Where & When: Chanel boutique re-opening in Soho, September

Why: Alexa wisely minimized the accessories with this funky multi-print dress by her favorite designer.

Who: Diane Kruger

What: Jason Wu

Where & When: Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or Closing Ceremony, May

Why: For the Cannes closing ceremony, classic beauty is a must-have. Diane showed that a little bling and a lot of color can go a long way on the red carpet.

Who: Diane Kruger

What: Jason Wu

Where & When: Screen Actors Guild Awards in Hollywood, January

Why: This beautifully draped, one-shouldered mustard yellow gown shows off Diane’s effortless old Hollywood glamour.

Who: Marion Cotillard

What: Christian Dior Resort 2011

Where & When: Paris premiere of Inception, July

Why: You can’t beat a French woman at French fashion, especially in Paris! The black lace, stunning neckline, and voluminous silhouette are proof that sometimes, the French just do it best.

Who: Marion Cotillard

What: Christian Dior Spring 2010

Where & When: Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, January

Why: Showing a little leg and a lot of style, Marion again represents her home country in an asymmetrical metallic and lace gown by Dior.

The Trend Setters: Kristen Stewart and Keira Knightley

Who: Kristen Stewart

What: Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2010

Where & When: Late Show with David Letterman in New York, June

Why: In a victory for grumpy pale girls everywhere, Kristen shows off her porcelain skin and never-ending legs in this one-sleeved modern LBD.

Who: Keira Knightley

What: Chanel Fall 2010 couture

Where & When: Opening night of the BFI London Film Festival, October

Why: Keira’s Chanel dress is revealing – note the sheerness of the neckline, waist, back and sleeves – but still incredibly classy. Proof that a dress strategically cut in all the right places can do wonders, especially on an already beautiful woman.

Best Variety: Cate Blanchett and Emma Watson

Who: Cate Blanchett

What: Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2010

Where & When: Opening night of Cannes Film Festival, May

Why: It’s rumored that Cate hand-selected this dramatic gown from the late designer, and she couldn’t have chosen a more unique look. It’s a rare woman who can pull off a black wedding gown with a giant eagle on it, but of course Cate makes it look chic.

Who: Cate Blanchett

What: Armani Prive Spring 2010 Couture

Where & When: Tony Awards in New York, June

Why: Some mocked this so-called Tin Man look, but Cate again proved that she dares to strut outside the box in her sexy silver suit.

Who: Cate Blanchett

What: vintage Christian Lacroix

Where & When: Gala in Beijing, September

Why: The dress speaks for itself. This work of art is one of the most extraordinary gowns I’ve ever seen.

Who: Emma Watson

What: Christopher Kane Fall 2010

Where & When: LONDON showROOMS closing party in New York, March

Why: Pre-pixie cut, Emma shows off her trendy style with this lace and floral dress by the Scottish designer.

Who: Emma Watson

What: Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2010

Where & When: National Movie Awards in London, May

Why: A dress is only as chic as the shoes you pair it with, and those Louboutins are chic as all hell. This sexy dress is just as stylish – notice the peek-a-boo keyhole and the super-short skirt!

Who: Emma Watson

What: custom Burberry

Where & When: Met Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York, May

Why: At the biggest red carpet fashion event of the year, all eyes were on Emma, in the gown Burberry designer Christopher Bailey made just for her. The chunky black accessories helped keep this look less bridal and more youthful.

Who: Emma Watson

What: custom Calvin Klein

Where & When: New York premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, November

Why: Shedding Hermione’s longer locks, Emma shows off her fabulous pixie cut and her minimalist style in yet another dress custom-made for her.

The Risk-Taker: Lady Gaga

Who: Lady Gaga

What: custom Armani Prive couture

Where & When: Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, January

Why: There was no bigger fashion risk-taker this year than the artist formerly known as Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, better known to us all as Lady Gaga.

Who: Lady Gaga

What: Alexander McQueen

Where & When: MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, September

Why: One word: SHOES.

Who: Lady Gaga

What: Franc Fernandez

Where & When: MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles, September

Why: Was there a more talked-about fashion statement this year – or possibly even this decade – than Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress? More importantly, this outfit led to my favorite Gaga quote of all time: “I never thought I’d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse.”

Super Starlets: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Rachel Bilson

Who: Blake Lively

What: Marchesa Resort 2011

Where & When: Fashion’s Night Out in New York, September

Why: If you’ve got perfect tits and legs for days, all you need is a funky cocktail dress and a ponytail and you’re ready for the biggest event of New York Fashion Week.

Who: Blake Lively

What: Elie Saab Fall 2010

Where & When: Tiffany & Co. event in New York, September

Why: Blake has her finger on the pulse of 2010’s hottest trends: lace, elbow-length sleeves, and flapper-style fringe.

Who: Blake Lively

What: Chanel Fall 2010 Couture

Where & When: Toronto Film Festival, September

Why: This is my idea of a perfect cocktail dress. I love the flower embellishments around her hips, and the ruby-red color of the dress really pops with that red cocktail ring and matching red lipstick.

Who: Leighton Meester

What: Marc Jacobs Resort 2011

Where & When: V Magazine’s New York Issue Party, September

Why: The pink blush on her cheeks matches the pink in the dress – what a genius move by Leighton’s stylist! Blake’s Gossip Girl co-star looks more beautiful than ever in this fabulous springtime number. (Although, is it a trick of the light, or can you see her nipples?)

Who: Rachel Bilson

What: Christian Dior Spring 2010

Where & When: Spike TV Video Game Awards in Los Angeles, December

Why: Nobody does effortless, youthful style quite like Rachel Bilson. Her stylist’s decision to do an ivory underlay was genius – even better than the runway version. And the little bows on those heels? Perfection.

Who: Rachel Bilson

What: Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2010

Where & When: Roberto Cavalli’s 40th Anniversary Party during Paris Fashion Week, September

Why: A sexy, flowing leopard-print gown is a lot of look, but the red purse as the sole accessory is phenomenal. I love Rachel’s street style and casual wear, but with this look she proved that she’s a formal red carpet force to be reckoned with.

The A-Listers: Michelle Obama, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, and Lea Michele

Who: First Lady Michelle Obama

What: Peter Sorensen

Where & When: State Dinner at the White House, May

Why: Who says the FLOTUS can’t be sexy? Hot Mama Obama shows off the famous First Guns in this glamorous gown.

Who: First Lady Michelle Obama

What: Michael Kors

Where & When: Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Phoenix Awards in DC, September

Why: All politics aside, no one can deny that the Obamas are one stylish couple. The First Lady is absolutely glowing in her red halter gown.

Who: First Lady Michelle Obama

What: Naeem Khan

Where & When: Kennedy Center Honors in DC, December

Why: She’s the Jackie O of the 21st century.

Who: Anne Hathaway

What: Antonio Berardi

Where & When: Hollywood premiere of Love & Other Drugs, November

Why: You can always depend on Anne for a classic, beautiful red carpet look. Flawless hair and makeup and the world’s best smile take this chic little dress to a whole new level.

Who: Anne Hathaway

What: Valentino Pre-Fall 2010

Where & When: Met Costume Institute Gala Benefit in New York, May

Why: This photo is the definition of Hollywood glitz and glamour.

Who: Anne Hathaway

What: Oscar de la Renta Spring 2011

Where & When: Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Norway, December

Why: The unique print and silhouette of this one-shouldered gown are stunning. From head to toe, this look is clean, classic, and incredibly beautiful.

Who: Natalie Portman

What: Rodarte

Where & When: Venice Film Festival screening of Black Swan, September

Why: Rodarte designers Laura and Kate Mulleavy created the ballet costumes in Black Swan, so this red carpet shout-out to the label was particularly lovely. As if the film wasn’t garnering enough buzz on its own, Natalie got the world talking about her once again in this jaw-dropping red gown.

Who: Natalie Portman

What: Lanvin

Where & When: Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Governor’s Awards in Hollywood, November

Why: Natalie’s stylist has been working overtime lately as Natalie promotes Black Swan on every red carpet in the universe. But clearly she’s not losing her touch, because this purple asymmetrical draped gown is simply fabulous. And we all know that best-dressed list without Lanvin is no best-dressed list at all.

Who: Lea Michele

What: Oscar de la Renta Fall 2005

Where & When: Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood, January

Why: The Glee star started the year off with a bang. This gown announced Lea’s status as New Diva on the Block and proved that this pint-sized star is chock full of fabulous.

Who: Lea Michele

What: Catherine Malandrino Spring 2010

Where & When: Screen Actors Guild Awards in Hollywood, January

Why: This gown single-handedly created Lea Michele’s image as a sex symbol. The long, wavy locks, the dramatic makeup, the plunging neckline, the cinched waist, that intriguing green color – every element of this look is perfection.

Who: Lea Michele

What: custom Zac Posen

Where & When: Tony Awards in New York, June

Why: Donning another daring, brilliant color, this Broadway vet absolutely stunned on the Tonys red carpet. Lea’s dress flatters her teensy little figure so beautifully.

Who: Lea Michele

What: Oscar de la Renta Resort 2011

Where & When: Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, August

Why: If ever there was a look that said, “Worship me, bitches! I have ARRIVED!” – it’s this one.

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2010 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Sorry for the hiatus, but this Diva was traipsing around England with her pals. Now that I’ve been home twelve hours, though, it’s of course to catch up on some long-awaited blogging! I present to you, by popular demand, the best and worst of the fashion at Cannes Film Festival 2010!

Fab Front, Dreadful Derriere

Milla Jovovich in Louis Vuitton

I have no idea what Milla Jovovich does. I couldn’t tell you if she’s a movie or TV actress, and I probably wouldn’t be able to look at her and tell you her name off the top of my head, but I do know that she just sort of exists and sometimes wears mildly interesting things. Like the gown above – a golden pink pattern, almost floral, almost glittering, fierce shoes and jewels. But you see that dark train peeking out the back, and it’s like an omen of the horror that is to come.

Milla Jovovich pooping fabric

Milla, no. Why must this sweet dress be ruined by a dirty brown crinkled mess that has nothing to do with the rest of the gown? You would have looked so sweet and lovely if the back of the gown had been trainless and matched the front. Please, starlets, remember to look in a three-way mirror before leaving the house, so you can be aware of the yards of excess fabric cascading off your bum.

The Bitsy Von Muffling Effect

Cate Blanchett in Georgio Armani Prive

Unless you are a middle-aged woman living in a stuffy old townhouse on the Upper East Side, and you have a penchant for gin and passive-aggression, there is no reason to wear this outfit. It’s not that Cate doesn’t look beautiful, it’s just so ladies-who-lunch, Trey’s mother on Sex and the City, WASPy aged trophy wife.

The Power Dress

Carey Mulligan in RM by Roland Mouret

When I am a fabulously successful lawyer and have made my way into the history books as the attorney who fought and won the landmark case that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, someone please remind me to strut around my office in this eggplant wonder of a dress. And since I’m taking over the world, I’ll take those Fendi shoes as well.

Best AND Worst: Marion Cotillard Edition

Marion Cotillard

Off the crimson carpet, Ms. Cotillard dons a perfect little dress for traipsing around France, and her fun Ray-Bans add an artsy flair. But of course, even in the daytime and away from the movie premieres, a true French fashion icon is never without her Christian Louboutin heels. BUT…

Marion Cotillard in Lefranc Ferrand

Okay, my divalicious readers, say it with me: NO. MORE. JUMPSUITS. Adding insult to injury, this jumpsuit is corseted, glittery, and paired with the worst possible shoes for that ensemble. Marion, darling, just because your outfit pushes your titties up to your earlobes does not mean it is fashionable. Please leave all jumpers, jumpsuits, rompers, jodhpurs, and all other offending pantgear at the door, thanks.

Best AND Worst: Michelle Williams Edition

Michelle Williams

I swear, this Dawson’s Creek alum gets better looking every year. She’s like the female hipster mommy version of George Clooney. She’s head-to-toe perfection – her platinum pixie-cut is uber-fresh and stylish, the makeup is breezy and natural, the dress is trendy, fun, and youthful, and the espadrille shoes are cute as can be. I’d wear this outfit in a heartbeat. BUT…

Michelle Williams in Chanel Haute Couture

This is a sad nightgown that doubles as a shower curtain, not a red carpet look. It’s shapeless, ill-fitted, wrinkled, too long, and boring.

Fabulous in Fuschia

Diane Kruger in Jason Wu

I hate looking at that color next to the red carpet, but were she standing on any other color, she’d look just perfect. Fabulous, modern, fun, formal – Jason Wu is building himself quite the reputation in the fashion world, and this gown shows just why that fabulous rep is well-deserved.

Worst Dressed

Elizabeth Banks in Georges Chakra

Elizabeth Banks is so infuriatingly hit-or-miss lately. I really want to like her, despite some bitchy comments she’s made in the press, because she’s one of the only actually funny women who gets cast in Judd Apatow movies who isn’t Apatow’s wife. It’s hard to find a woman who’s beautiful, marketable, and truly funny – funny in a way that both men and women can appreciate. But Elizabeth, if you don’t stop wearing tie-dyed mullet gowns with cotton candy on the shoulders, I will withdraw all my support of your career. It’s time to hire a new stylist – one who appreciates how stunning you are and enhances that beauty instead of detracting from it.

The Queen of Cannes: Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale was one of the judges at Cannes this year, and therefore she was on every red carpet, all day, every day, in a zillion different oufits, giving this Diva plenty to say about her. Let’s dive in to some of her fashion choices at Cannes.

Kate’s Best

Kate Beckinsale

I’d have gone with different shoes, but this gown is absolutely breathtaking. The color, the fit, the shape – it’s all there, and it’s all fabulous. She looks statuesque and regal, but she should have gone with shoes that matched the dress or purse a little better. And I hate that sort of keyhole-shaped peep toe; I think it’s very unflattering to the foot.

Excess Pouf

Kate Beckinsale in Marchesa

I love the draping on the bodice of the gown, and I think Marchesa is genius for the way they design layers upon layers of crinoline and tulle, but I think this is a bit much for the red carpet. It may work on the runway, but Kate gets completely lost in this sear of fabric from the hips down. I love the iced periwinkle/lilac color, and I think it’s a flawless look for the top half of her body, but I can’t support that amount of unstructured poofiness on just anybody.

Kate and Carey, Same Style, Same Event!

Kate Beckinsale

This probably would have been my pick for Kate’s best look of the festival (though I don’t love the length), until I noticed what Carey Mulligan wore to the same event…

Carey Mulligan in Azzaro

So apparently, glittering, bedazzled mock neckties/bowties/bows are hot. I liked the trend well enough on Kate, but Carey made me dislike it on both of them – it just seems sort of kitschy and dumb, no?

Fabulous Curtains

Kate Beckinsale in Temperley London

I’d kill to have this gown hanging on my windows, but as far as an actual gown, I think it suffers from the same problems that Michelle Williams pink, curtain-esque, shapeless gown did. I just don’t think gowns like this are particularly flattering, even in a beautiful color and fabric. But the jeweled neckline is certainly exquisite.

Sexiest Gown

Kate Beckinsale in Balmain

That slit is dangerously high, but goddamn it if those aren’t some of the best legs I’ve ever seen.

Tune in for more fashion later!

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